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Russia, US argue over Moscow’s request for IAEA to analyze risk of Syria nuclear disaster

09.09.2013 18:09

Russia and the US are in dispute over Moscow’s request for the International Atomic Agency to analyze risks if military strikes hit a nuclear plant near Damascus. The agency said it is considering the appeal, but won’t give an answer “immediately”.

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Thubten Sangye 10.09.2013 08:08

I think we should request the positive Extra Terrestrials to come down and every war making machine useless. The time for cloaking is over, we need to expose the negative elements amongst us and hear the real history.


Yıldızlı Piercing Yıldızlı 10.09.2013 08:01

Solution is to create a new branch in the UN intervene in the case of prohibited weapons does not make sense to have the security of the world depends sympathy sessions


Yıldızlı Piercing Yıldızlı 10.09.2013 07:53

The Middle East should be free of nuclear weapons
It applies to Israel


FreedomOfSpeech 10.09.2013 06:01

Well, what was said about the US government ? "It is full of prevarications and misleading statements and not very truthful. Everything is aggrandizing power secretly, with no oversight." (excerpt from 'Interviews - Mark Klein Spying On the Home Front')


marcus 10.09.2013 05:08

If the us finds out in was the Rebels who gassed the children are they going to invade Saudi Arabia for giving it too them? I don't think Syria should give up anything. they will keep asking for more and more and when Syria is bombed and can't fight back, America will destroy the country and millions of people


Veritas 10.09.2013 04:35

The heinous gassing of Syrian children has created an indelible stigma on human conscience - it should never have happened. The opportunity for Syria to get rid of chemical weapons (thereby prevent a war at U.S. discretion) could help to bring about long-term peace efforts and create a win-win situation.


ivon dacosta 10.09.2013 04:07

u.s and its lapdogs have penetrated all arms of u.n.iaea is no exception.hence every one has got to be extracareful. u.s is dying empire as feutus, it is likely to poison the whole body of should remain on guard till u.s is dead and burried along with its evil dream of domination .


karenj 10.09.2013 03:49

and we all know how reliable the IAEA is. their stellar performance in Iraq and such countries have led to true global peace.


Steve J 10.09.2013 03:08

What a relief ! But it is not over, do not be nieve. The West wants to bring Iran down, and Syria must be neutralized. They will step things up in some other way. Those rebels have to be feeling naked, and they will not like it. It will just get more down and dirty.


darla 10.09.2013 02:36

John Kerry is probably kicking himself for offering a "hypothetical&q uot; situation that may actually be plausible. If Syria gives up their chemical weapons, the US and Israel will need a new reason to attack. I'm thinking that this time they may put more thought into the reason for an invasion, say......the sun rising in the east.

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