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Washington’s threats to attack Syria unacceptable – Russia

30.08.2013 22:15

Washington’s threat to use military force against Syria unilaterally is unacceptable, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in a statement. He urged the US to wait the results of the UN chemical weapons investigation.

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Maryam Bassiri 30.08.2013 22:29

French 30.08.2013 22:20

Obama Nobel Price of Peace. LOL


Obama should share his Nobel Peace prize with Bush and Cheney ! lol


Kelly Renee 30.08.2013 22:29

Technically the PODUS is the Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, so the Army is his


Maryam Bassiri 30.08.2013 22:27

It is too late. Obama has cornered himself so badly and he is so isolated that by attacking Syria he thinks he could save his face . Next week it is the G20 summit and he has to face the leaders of Brazil, China, India and of course Vladimir Putin !


Massimo Sabellico 30.08.2013 22:27

the time for Russia to demonstrate its strength and authority also seriously threaten the use of force, enough of this imperialism of the United States!


Coady Paquette-Nemchuck 30.08.2013 22:26

Did you hear what Obama said in his speech he gave a few moments ago? He said the military was "His"! He's drunk with power. "My military." No Joke go look!!!


Zach Wills 30.08.2013 22:25

This won't start ww3.Chinese are sticking to tzu wait till they destroy each other then claim the prize. And 4ussia is too timid.


Zach Marhal 30.08.2013 22:21

WW3 here we come...


French 30.08.2013 22:20

Obama Nobel Price of Peace. LOL


Christopher John Walters 30.08.2013 22:20

As if AIPAC and the Rothschild's care what Russia thinks ..


Dannie Kirk Jensen 30.08.2013 22:20

This could be it ...

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