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Washington’s threats to attack Syria unacceptable – Russia

30.08.2013 22:15

Washington’s threat to use military force against Syria unilaterally is unacceptable, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in a statement. He urged the US to wait the results of the UN chemical weapons investigation.

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Fritz Juel 05.09.2013 07:12

Where's your democracy America? That's what you claim you'll bring, when war has done it's due. And still, to this day, have you ever enjoyed democracy at home? When 9 of 10 American are against the war, on the highest polls, furthermore it's illegal, as Putin said it would destroy international law, which is the only foundation against open war.Since non of us lives in a democracy, no matter where you live!.


revealsins2me 05.09.2013 01:03

we will see the resolve of putin and the so called euroasian alliance by the end of next week when america obliterates most of syria from afar.


Sean Byrnes 03.09.2013 23:48

Roxy Chick 02.09.2013 08:43

america does not belong to the blacks or whites it belongs to the natives, why don't the middle east blow up israel and then unite (with Russia and China) and form a huge powerful force/blow to the americans?


ne w world order vs soviet world order..hmmmmm tough one
and if america belongs to the natives, then russia belongs to the cossacks so start filing those teeth cutie ;)


Roxy Chick 02.09.2013 08:43

america does not belong to the blacks or whites it belongs to the natives, why don't the middle east blow up israel and then unite (with Russia and China) and form a huge powerful force/blow to the americans?


Roxy Chick 02.09.2013 08:40

The HQ of the Foreign Ministry in Russia looks like a palace and I hope Mr Putin can do the right thing, with Russian and Chinese forces putting america where it belongs, like the true King Mr Putin is, God Bless Russia, China and Mr Putin and Xi Jinping for being strong and forming an alliance which forced the uk government into fear and ended up voting against war. This is the only way the west will learn when the BRIC nations stand together as one and united we stand....divided we will not be!


Sohan Kabik 02.09.2013 08:23

this is a battle for one world government agenda, setting puppet government all over the world this is modern colonialism.


fran7 02.09.2013 06:29

Iraq and Libya are in turmoil because of USA interventionist policies' and the cost is death and destruction in those countries and Billions of dollars wasted. Syria should be left alone to solve its own problems as intervention would create more complex problems for everyone.


Levi MacIntyer 02.09.2013 00:24

This reminds me of Iraq. It is pretty clear the US has wanted to get into Syria for along time. My heart tells me the some entity from the USA makes these attacks just so they can try and justify invading another country & make life terrible for everyone possible. Just look at the out of control crime/drug use/suicide etc in America. Sort your own country out America instead of trying to enforce yourselves upon the world. Being ex-australian military, I have plenty that have been scarred for life after working with the US over in Afghanistan. Very sad indeed :(


Bill Gradwohl 01.09.2013 22:37

There are no "good guys" involved in Syria. Assad is a criminal. Every head of state in any way involved with Syria is a criminal. The US and Israel are at the top of the list with the Saudi's not far behind.

The Syrian destabilization is being done for political reasons and for all the money, graft and corruption it spreads around among the politicians, military brass and weapons manufacturers.

Every missile, round of ammo, vehicle, etc demolished must be replaced at incredible expense mostly to US citizens. US Foreign Aid gives money to the co conspirators to get their support.

Hear "Government&quo t; - think "Mafia".


Bill Gradwohl 01.09.2013 21:56

An analysis of the "evidence" will not reveal any fingerprints of the individuals that did the dirty deed.

This need to analyse what can clearly not demonstrate who used the gas is plain stupid. It is a dog and pony show for the UN and the US to say they have "evidence" when in fact there can be no evidence.

T hink people! What possible tests can they run to expose who did this? Even if the gas was made by Syria, it doesn't prove who used it.

This has the smell of false flag all over it. Kerry is the new Colin Powell. Just another professional liar trying to make US weapons manufacturers richer while killing kids.


FreedomFighter 01.09.2013 18:14

I have a Creepy feeling if Obama can't get Approval to attack Syria a False Flag terrorist attack will justify it. Just like Bush couldn't get approval to go to war with Iraq until 9/11 happened


Muhammad Abbass 01.09.2013 07:05

deja vu 31.08.2013 20:50

maybe history wont repeat itself after all. pm chamberlain let nazi germany have the sudentenland. now pm cameron says NO to nato america on attacking syria. most americans are fed up with this replay of nazi germany taking the rhineland and finally invading poland that began with reagan invading little grenada in 1982. the germans were 99.9% behind the nazis but americans are only 5% behind the 'natos.' not a fan of putin but it's time someone said NO ....


Germany had every right to take back the Sudetenland, whilst the USA has NO right in the Middle East,


Muhammad Abbass 01.09.2013 07:02

[quote name='Bill McFarlane' time='31.08.2013 20:47']We the people of the world find Russia's state and church sanctioned abuse and discrimination of LGBT people UNACCEPTABLE![/quote ]

You don't speak for the world sunshine. I'm an Australian and nearly everybody I knows, applauds Russia's steps in limiting the inroads on society which are being made by militant perverts in the West.

God bless Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church. The last bastion of true Christianity and the last hope of humanity outside the Shiite Muslim world.

Unac ceptable is perversions being called "normal".


Leo Derosia 31.08.2013 20:58

i live in usa and i hope the fraud president and congress do not start ww3 over a false flag chem attack staged by the cia and obama

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