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Russian media websites hit by ‘massive’ DDoS attack ‘linked to Ukraine’

13.03.2014 14:33

Websites of several Russian state TV channels have been hit by a large cyberattack suspected to partly come from Kiev. Anonymous Caucasus claimed it was responsible for hacking Channel One TV’s site, saying it had “nothing” to do with Ukraine.

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Adam Encrypted 15.03.2014 01:55

So, basically, the FSB DDOSed itself, correct? No?


Free_DrVojislavSeselj 14.03.2014 21:24

“ Is Gone Forever” Says Site Owner
Feb 21, 2012
A week ago, we reported that Scroogle was being blocked by Google and searches on the privacy search engine were no longer working. Since then, the site continued not to work and now it is completely offline.

Th e owner, Daniel Brandt, said he took it down “forever.” He blames both Google and DDOS attack...

H e said even if the DDOS attack did not happen, Scroogle would only have lasted an additional 6 months due to Google’s throttling and squeezing of the service


Dark Horse 14.03.2014 19:44

pj 14.03.2014 10:47

Anon is a secret services operation.


On Facebook they have an operation going titled OpRussia. If this is the case then Anonymous is divided on this issue as a lot of Anon's deplor Western interference and can see what is really going on.


LisaAgnes 14.03.2014 15:17

pj 14.03.2014 10:47

Anon is a secret services operation.


Starting to look like it. That is too bad.


Dartagnan 14.03.2014 09:45

In France there was an viral attack on the official website of the National Front, just after it posted the official position of the party on Ukraine. No need to say that it was criticizing the illegal coup in Kiev.


vragi 14.03.2014 09:14

These are CIA, FBI, NSA that are currently on ground operating in Ukraine. Remember USA and UK said are send satellite, NSA, CIA, and warairplanes to spy Russia and see how strong it is. Read last weekend's news about this true story

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