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One killed, several missing after rare floods hit Saudi capital (PHOTOS)

16.11.2013 21:45

At least one person has died and several others are reportedly missing in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh as a result of severe flooding caused by heavy rainfall. Such floods are extremely rare for the kingdom, which is dominated by desert.

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Gedle-Kirstos Kebede 18.11.2013 08:27

If I was born a Saudi I would kill my self. Can any one imagine being a dumb for life? What is the contribution of a Saudi to the world? global warming and mountain after mountains of garbage from over eating and molesting children and maids. They day a Saudi is born, he is dead. Poor Saudi women hate their men so much because these sick pigs are after maids, Mecca means to them only a source of income rather than a spiritual blessing. They break every law in the holy KORAN. How dumb is the royal family?these idiots, with all this money, they couldn't even build a strong levy and drainage system. Demons!!!


Gedle-Kirstos Kebede 18.11.2013 08:18

Oil has created thousands of dumb as a door bell Saudis. Literal speaking they are pigs. In Ethiopia, We have a saying for Saudi Arabs which I wouldn't want to say it hear. I can only tell you that we wish we can take out Mecca out of Saudi or Saudis out of Saudi so that the muslim population in our country doesn't have to deal with this monsters. Ethiopians look down only one type of people and those are the Saudi Arabs. Because our parents remember when they used to come to work the shameful types of things. Now that they have money they know how we look at them and they get frustrated.


Gedle-Kirstos Kebede 18.11.2013 08:09

Ethiopians observing the actions of Saudi arn't saying don't deport them. The main issue here is, why do you have to rape, maim, and brutally attack these poor people. Saudis are involved in the process of bringing and hiring all these illegals. If you have to deport them, there is a humane way. You are monsters and demons. that is why and you will pay for this very dearly.


Heluta Smart 18.11.2013 07:16

Nasty ppls this is just the beginning we'll see more unless you stop violence against the innocent Ethiopians. We can't do nothing but GOD has. Glory to GOD forever!!!


saminas belaynh 18.11.2013 07:04

Its all about a message from GOD about the tears of Ethiopian . prophet Mohammed told ya zat every thing abt Habesha ppl. take care


Anti Nonsense 18.11.2013 05:56

I have never heard a government as harsh to the poor Ethiopians as the Arab Monarchs. They are real devils who actions are as barbaric as the Satan is. They have brutally and cruelly massacred the innocent and most humble Ethiopians. Ethiopia is the wholly center of Ethiopians Christians and Ethiopian Muslims. The Christianity and Muslim regions in Ethiopia are Ethiopians by Ethiopians to Ethiopians. No one Earth is entitled to impose anything to Ethiopians except GOD and Allah. We hate the Arab Monarchs, no I mean monkeys.


Abebe Melkie 18.11.2013 05:30

Evil saudies, look how strong is Jesses. He is whipping Ethiopian's tear. Are you really believe in God? I personally do not think, but your action is showing us you may worshipe some thing which is not God. You are doing evil may be you learnt from your father evil. Our father is going to rescue his children from the hand of evil. God bless Ethiopia and down with inhuman Saudi killers


Romay Romay 18.11.2013 05:08

Saudi people you deserve it even fire from sky.


Lisa Whytock 18.11.2013 03:34

hahahahahahaha...... .I am so glad to be alive to see this thing happening.


NATI 18.11.2013 00:34

Saudi Arabians are facing flood because of the lives of innocent Ethiopian people that they killed in the streets. You should be apologizing before the worst happens.

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