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One killed, several missing after rare floods hit Saudi capital (PHOTOS)

16.11.2013 21:45

At least one person has died and several others are reportedly missing in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh as a result of severe flooding caused by heavy rainfall. Such floods are extremely rare for the kingdom, which is dominated by desert.

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Jenna Al Musallam 18.11.2013 15:02

Why do you all say such hateful awful things? How would you like it if people did that to you?


Nicholas Sands 18.11.2013 14:25

Uhhmm. Okay. So how many Saudis, that were/are "innocent" of the crimes committed by the Saudi "regime", die here? If you believe in a righteous God, I fail to see how the indiscriminate killing of innocents represents a righteous judgement by God. It's "not" to say the Saudi regme "hasn't" done horrible things to other nations and the "innocent" people that inhabit them. It's just indicating that perhaps a righteous God would have a better aim. Are the Saudi people you accuse of these atrocities still alive? In the main, I'd say yes. I didn't see many military or government officials in the missing, or the dead.


Eleni Abay 18.11.2013 13:22

this is the tears of all the innocent Ethiopians Saudi killed & torchered with out mercy our God or Allah showed you within days of Saudi doing this to them God Showed you it's a miracle wow


George Little 18.11.2013 11:50

Allah punishes the saudi coward for collaborating with Israhell to attack Iran


ciryx luveit 18.11.2013 11:24

They does all that but still are humans, there are no one perfect we all have sims, God would forgive them so why wouldn't we? we learn from what we miss and they are paying for it with this floody but it doesn't me we have to let them die, if you wanna the world changes be different and don't think like that, if they kills peoples let God judge him at the end, but if you wanna be better than them don't over react and writes here things to let them dies for the mistakes they does, peace and God bless you all.


kencho pirlo 18.11.2013 10:02

Paulus Kusuma 18.11.2013 09:41

Guys, how about showing some restrain here. People are suffering right now and I believe a bad word on them is not in the right time.


they kill without mercy.. they kill for no reason.. they kill cos their stupid religion tells them to.. they kill just for fun.. they kill the most painful way.. they kill africans.. they kill blacks in general.. so why should we care what ever happened to them?


Paulus Kusuma 18.11.2013 09:41

Guys, how about showing some restrain here. People are suffering right now and I believe a bad word on them is not in the right time.


Solomon Habteyes 18.11.2013 08:49

Come to Ethiopia you will be safe!!


Solomon Habteyes 18.11.2013 08:45

Oh my God,I know your eyes are upon the sinful kingdom you will destroy them from the face of the earth.But I will pray for you to give them chance to see your merciful hand.for the seek of innocent kids and armless old peoples.Amen!!!


Gedle-Kirstos Kebede 18.11.2013 08:27

If I was born a Saudi I would kill my self. Can any one imagine being a dumb for life? What is the contribution of a Saudi to the world? global warming and mountain after mountains of garbage from over eating and molesting children and maids. They day a Saudi is born, he is dead. Poor Saudi women hate their men so much because these sick pigs are after maids, Mecca means to them only a source of income rather than a spiritual blessing. They break every law in the holy KORAN. How dumb is the royal family?these idiots, with all this money, they couldn't even build a strong levy and drainage system. Demons!!!

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