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One killed, several missing after rare floods hit Saudi capital (PHOTOS)

16.11.2013 21:45

At least one person has died and several others are reportedly missing in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh as a result of severe flooding caused by heavy rainfall. Such floods are extremely rare for the kingdom, which is dominated by desert.

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Aiman Alghamdi 03.12.2013 03:39

Riyadh Saudi Arabia has very bad weather ,hopeful end soon .


truth I M 25.11.2013 21:46

Imam Allah swt was extending the time of the tribulation for him to declare himself now it's time for destruction and his appearance in Istanbul to collect prophet muhammad saw flag and sword to finally appear in makkah after poleshift


truth I M 25.11.2013 21:45

Imam mahdi AS time is here floods earthquakes tsunami fire in East and west three big landslides fire in Yemen 70-90 % world population dies tribulation rapture three days day three days night western sunrise niburu planetx 3656 year cycle prophet Noah floods 144,000 Adam As before our last Adam believe in one god Elohim Allah swt the god of humanity Jews Christians Muslims sabians Judaism Christianity Islam and all other religions before them Mayan prophesy coming true as their Calander was out by one year as they followed the moon cycle repent now
Imam mahdi AS already declared he is here to close companions


Adnu Adnun 23.11.2013 05:53

help poor people in the third world countries if saudi arabia have wealth.wealth is given by is not to enjoy life in luxury without considering the poor and hungry guys who live around you.mecca and medina are the holiest places.but allah will change the oppresors and rulers when the time come.the suitable just rulers are in waiting to change monarchy and establish rule under true it the monarchy recognised by the prophet muhammed(peace be upon him)


Adnu Adnun 23.11.2013 05:46

problems occur in sea and land will happen due to the activities of humanbeings.repent to allah for forgiving our sins.fear allah and do justice among the people.the rulers of each country is responsible for the welfare of the people and do justice among them.recently many people get out of their country due to nithaqat.please fear the prayers of oppresed people,allah must answer their prayers
.may allah forgive us and guide us to right path


Danny G 19.11.2013 23:45

Prophet Mohammed said this to his families and followers " Go to Ethiopia if you wish. There is a moral King who doesn't torment anyone. It's a land of truth and honesty. Stay there until Allah drives away your worries. Never touch Ethiopia, As the people are JUST!"
what a wise prophet they have.
we live in poverty, but we are really JUST. we are really angry at Saudi now, and its our collective wish and prayer's for God be our hand, As we don't have power. God is our strength. Our faith is so strong, and its still the same as the beginning of time we bow down for Almighty God.


Danny G 19.11.2013 23:44

It was God's will to make Ethiopia home of the arc of the convenient. It was God's will for Ethiopian victory over Italy, The biggest European country defeat by an African troop.


Rekik Begashaw 19.11.2013 15:46

I wish also fire rain in this barberic society.I blame my forefathers why gave them shelter in ethiopia in the time of mohamad.they should have kill them.saudis always known by their betrayl even those arab kingdoms like iran and other day this oil finish.ethiopia should expel saudi campanies worth of 100million dollars.our firtile land sold for them.we have to get rid of them from ethiopia too.


Yohannes Fisseha 19.11.2013 14:07

Look the response for sin made by the saudis (raping) this is the curse of those rapers hide in saudi, you people I think this is a symbol for you to pray to God to give you his mercy, Otherwise you will become one of the disappeared city who is boasting bcs you are rich, please pray for God so that you will be rich in humanity and mix with the world by avoiding your cruelty. God/Allah counts the tear of his creation be it poor or rich and avenge for the cruelty made on his creation. Take care, this is the start, unless you act soon. I mean it.


Enate Agere Fekadu 19.11.2013 09:47

God saw the blood of ethiopians killed by Saudi. oh God you are so good.saudi We have God.


Abaw Yosdel 19.11.2013 08:57

This is great lesson for those Animal Areb countries . Don't kill innocent ppl like you did last a few days on Ethiopian ppl and others citizens. That is why world hating you, you have no hesitation for human being and you thinking like Animal , no cruel ppl in other world except Areb ppl. i wish if i get chance i will avoid Asssshole narrow mind Areb ppl from the world map.


Qilin Giraffe 19.11.2013 06:49

Whats more sad is that only a week earlier Ethiopians were dragged out of their homes and beaten in the streets in the most inhumane manners. Women are crying after being mob rapped. More than 23,000 have been rounded up and are abused and tortured. Protests have been staged around the globe in front of Saudi embassy, still no coverage. BBC 'focus on Africa' was forced to do a small piece at the sight of the embassy protest, but it was interrupted to show "new footage" of the Philippine storm. Apparently Ethiopian women having their bre asts cut off is not News. I counted 13 photos and one video for this report.


maranatah B 19.11.2013 05:03

just it is the beginning.God saw the blood of ethiopians killed by Saudi. oh God you are so good.saudi please becarful stop violence against ethiopian.We have God.


budlibarra 19.11.2013 00:56

Wow people.... After reading a bunch of comments it seems there is a lot of hate out there.... Maybe we should pray for, instead of prey on, others especially when they suffer. We all bleed red, we suffer emptiness at the loss of a loved one, have some compassion, for the children at least... They hurt no one.. God bless!

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