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Syrian Electronic Army takes down New York Times website, claims Twitter’s domains

27.08.2013 21:23

The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed access to a number of Twitter’s international domains shortly after bringing down the New York Times’ website. The attack was apparently made through Melbourne IT.

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Rod Kestler 28.08.2013 16:09

Indeed and agree George Rizk. My question is a rhetorical addendum - show me the proof that the SEA actually exist as an autonomous group of hackers...This reeks of an NSA operation.


George Rizk 28.08.2013 15:46

I have concluded that the American public have been transformed into robots, or Pavlov dogs acting on command from their masters in Washington, and the willing partner Zionist media.

High ly educated people are sounding as dumb as door nail in seeing the false flag entrapment? The evidence of the West eagerness to find an excuse to dump on Syria is clear for the past two years. Knowing that they are in bed with al Qaeda did not create any condemnation from the American robots/public. It is exhausting trying to illustrate things to blind dumb robots.


Zina Antoaneta 28.08.2013 14:56

Graff Fhe 28.08.2013 13:47

imp lying the american population realy cares about the NSA scandal, and not just the about the latest fashion trends and celebrity stories.


The world is changing everywhere as we speak: Check out this recent RT article: "Alarming number of US citizens face poverty, 80% will face joblessness -report". There are fewer and fewer people with no cares for tomorrow. Maybe just the NSA people with their LoveInt.


Graff Fhe 28.08.2013 13:47

Zina Antoaneta 28.08.2013 13:15

It' s not so bizar, Chris. This entire circus is employed to divert attention from the NSA scandal. I am not certain that Obama really wants to get into Syria. Will it work? Let's wait and see.


implying the american population realy cares about the NSA scandal, and not just the about the latest fashion trends and celebrity stories.


not duped 28.08.2013 13:39

After I stopped laughing, I thought there couldn't possibly be anyone that would believe this, not even an American. Then I read the comments.


Zina Antoaneta 28.08.2013 13:21

Oops, Alex! Sorry, posting from my phone. :O)


dd 28.08.2013 13:21

The Zionist Electronic Army strikes again. Obviously, a False Flag Operation of the indefatigable Mossad. How many more human lives will be sacrificed to the cause of zionist world supremacy?


Zina Antoaneta 28.08.2013 13:15

Alex P. 27.08.2013 22:09

Look at this headline, "Military strikes on Syria 'as early as Thursday,' US officials say".

When have we started to await something as tragic as war, with the same anticipation and promotions as a Super Bowl? And who tells everyone when they will launch a military attack? Who is running things in the White House lmao? This is the most bizarre thing ever.


It's not so bizar, Chris. This entire circus is employed to divert attention from the NSA scandal. I am not certain that Obama really wants to get into Syria. Will it work? Let's wait and see.


hope 28.08.2013 13:11

Zio forces working overtime to dispose of Syria question.
When this is done, it's onto Iran and Russia.
All governments highly negligent in allowing zios unprecedented freedom to manipulate and disrupt.
It may be too late to contain the zio onslaught anyway.
Dark Ages are upon us. God help us!


Dan Hughes 28.08.2013 12:32

RT double standards again.Watch out as James might ambush you again


Greg DeKooters 28.08.2013 12:16

Thanks for that revelation Mr. Frampton! Is firing a long range artillery shell on Damascus containing nerve agents within their competence?


Arnold Frampton 28.08.2013 11:54

The idea of Israeli False Flag operations making cyber-attacks on the NYT is illogical. In the current climate this cyber-attack is well beneath Mossad's horizons. A secret ops to release Sarin gas in Syria is much more their cup of tea. A Mossad cell rented a room opposite Gadaffi's palace, installed a transmitter using Libyan frequences and codes; sent out false messages for the dumb U.S. to intercept. It resulted in Ronald Reagan illegally sending jets to bomb Gadaffi's palace in an attempt to kill him and 'punish' Libya for supporting Islamic Terrorism in the 1980s. These people are thick, Mossad aren't.


Palmer Eldrich 28.08.2013 11:46

also in latest reports the Liechtenstein Naval forces have been making threating moves towards Nepal's naval assests.


Palmer Eldrich 28.08.2013 11:42

Aw come on guys it really was the

Syrian Electronic Army !

Also there in a related story;
The south central LA fine arts and classical music community officially announced (at the same time that this hack occured) , that on the great news of the mass acquisition of high tech computer goods.

they will be immediatly starting a torrent site for the exclusive seeding of neo classical 18th century German fine music.


NSA_BOT 28.08.2013 11:40

Nobody else smells treachery? We're (The US) mad at Syria, and need the public on our side to invade. Why not make them look like terrorists first? The SEA, if they even exist, didn't do this.


james grant 28.08.2013 09:26

So now the CIA/Al Ciada is called the Syrian Electronic Army. God, they are so pathetic it would be laughable if it wasn't so nauseating


Angela 28.08.2013 08:09

Funny how this hack comes after New York Times partners with The Gaurdian to work on Snowden leaks. I guesss throwing in Syria is a bonus.


Dennis Dingemanse 28.08.2013 07:27

Tom Tolle 28.08.2013 06:51

Why do I have a gut feeling that this is false flag again?
It could very well be that the US will soon make other outragous claims soon to justify a real war to Syria....This would enable the US not only to declare full war to Syria, but to hide their financial collapse, shut down the financial system, install martial law and call out for a new currency.


Sm ells like a false flag smear campaign indeed. Literally everybody can say they are the SEA, even stone garden leprechauns.


Dennis Dingemanse 28.08.2013 07:24

¨ In the meantime we are continuing to publish key news reports.¨

LOL they mean key propaganda reports?

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