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Snow in June: Russia’s Siberian town in absolute anomaly (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

02.06.2013 11:42

A layer of snow on the second day of summer has put the citizens of the Russian city of Kemerovo completely out of humor.

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Anonymous user 02.06.2013 20:30

not much of a story; I've seen snow in July in Calgary as for Jalisco, body counts higher than temp.

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 19:54

It snowed in New Hampshire last weekend...

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 18:54

1978. June. Stavropol. Same things. Same day, in Canada, foll snow. South Africa, was tragedy.

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 17:49

Keep believeing Al gore leone's criminal global warming fraud racket.

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 17:38

The price to pay for abusing weather modification/geo-eng ineering

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 16:33

blending of the seasons? leading to a pole shift?

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 15:52

Foolish as this sounds hardship makes strong people, others just reach for fruit on tree in tropics!

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 15:37

I've seen snow in June up on Donner Pass California.

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 15:36

Tornados in Oklahoma = Normal

Woul d be VERY wierd if it didn't happen

Need more Siberia Photos

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 14:38

GOD! Will make sure your people get what they need!

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