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Berlusconi sentenced to 1 year behind bars in wiretap trial

07.03.2013 11:14

Italy’s former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been sentenced to one year in jail after a wiretap trial linked to a 2005 banking scandal.

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Anonymous user 09.03.2013 07:35

I fully knew from the start that RT was again writing false headings in order to catch attention

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 23:10

Get your hands on Islamic literature.

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 02:44

"made in isreal"

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 02:38

Silvio is a great man and it is sad that his opponents want to ruin him this way.

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 02:32

let it go

Anonymous user 07.03.2013 23:41

Berlusconi is bad, but he iant the worst. Trust me.

Anonymous user 07.03.2013 22:59

Seemingly an attempt to force new elections and put technocrat Monti back in.
Italy watch out...!

Anonymous user 07.03.2013 22:08

what does this guy want in politics with 2 criminal convictions?


Colin Ball 07.03.2013 21:54

Already convicted, frequently in court on other charges, still free and still a candidate for Italys power. The rich and powerful escape jail and remain rich and powerful ... this is why ordinary people will be rioting in the next few years.

Anonymous user 07.03.2013 21:18

Is Italy bankrupt yet! Oh wait - USA is & no one has been charged! They got bonuses and pay increase

Anonymous user 07.03.2013 21:01

You dont meen this,is Berlusconi a criminal,who would have thunk that?Mafia scum he is!

Anonymous user 07.03.2013 20:09

doing this in the US would put the whole of parasite obamas legislators all behing bars ...

Anonymous user 07.03.2013 18:41

Read the Protocols of the Elders of Rome...

Isr ael's Best Critics are Jews.

Anonymous user 07.03.2013 18:01

...Still a criminal and a convict.

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