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Egyptian army chief Sisi says he will run for presidency - report

05.02.2014 23:23

Egypt’s de facto ruler, Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, has said he will run for president, according to Kuwait’s Al-Seyassah newspaper.

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Tarek Adel El Ashmawy 14.02.2014 18:30

i believe things will be changing quickly in he middle east , the US has showed extreme failure in the region after almost 40 years ,, is it time for them to be replaced ? the so called Arab Spring is now wearing its military suite again, and heading east ..


Alex Ramsey 06.02.2014 07:43

I hope he has the approval from Clinton!!


Waleed Chemist 06.02.2014 05:22

well, the new system in the world will cheer on military coups ... congratulation!


Bruce Behrhorst 06.02.2014 04:00

Fattah al-Sisi a key personality who saved Egypt. Oh, he's got the votes already to win a president.


Peter 06.02.2014 02:23

Do you control the news now?

Are the media under guard to report only certain things now?


Lee Schuler 06.02.2014 02:01

obama wants his beloved muslim brotherhood back in power. he wants someone that he can control and he can't control Sisi. Sisi does know how to handle the brotherhood however and obama's brother will be one of the first to bite the dust.


starstuff 06.02.2014 00:24

Freaky 05.02.2014 23:43

Puppet from the US....?




starstuff 06.02.2014 00:22

History repeats itself dead to Mubarak... long live Fattah al-Sisi.

Th e puppet masters have a new 'president' for the next 30 years.


Freaky 05.02.2014 23:43

Puppet from the US....?


Will 05.02.2014 23:39

I bet he 'wins' too....

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