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Hungary sends tanks to rescue thousands of people from snow trap (PHOTOS)

15.03.2013 17:46

Thousands of people in Hungary found themselves trapped in heavy snow after a sudden cold snap and high winds swept over Eastern Europe. Budapest has deployed tanks to reach motorists trapped by the conditions.

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Anonymous user 20.03.2013 11:37

In civilized countries, the Minister would have taken responsibility, resigned and stood trial.

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 17:38

Went on M7&M5; was lucky to escape by swithcing to national road! Not 1 road maintenance car seen!?!

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 11:17

I hope that all Hugarians are good, and god takes care of them!


Dorina Piszton 17.03.2013 10:11

Is this how the spring looks like? Very sad what has happened in this country in the past 4 days.
I live in here. For now the traffic has gotten starting up,but not everywhere. There are still some roads that continuously are under rescue. Even not to mention the cities and towns that still are inaccessible.
By the way,my mother hasn't come from work yet. Maybe today..

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 20:49

its been 3 days and people are still stucked. they opened the M1 highway but its a trap again..

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 12:28

I believe that the police, meds did all they could. Even Austria came. Im proud of them, well done!


Krisztian Csizmadia 16.03.2013 09:35

Yeah. Is not a lot what the government did. Most help been given by self organized groups...

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 07:18

This is where we spend our last night....

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 22:40

Are you kidding me ?
I'm not Russian !

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 22:20

How you want to tow away loaded trucks? They needed a vehicle that has torque and grip - like a tank

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 22:13

There were Hungarian troops in the battle of Stalingrad, sent by Hungary's evil Horthy government.

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 21:52

there weren't ANY Hungarian in the battle of Stalingrad... and its Hungary, not Russia..

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 20:04

@ comment 19:30 ..the famous british wit of ignorance. Google Hungary you x-factor expert!

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 19:59

It'll be a lot easier if they wait three months and then dig the cars out from under snow, trust me.

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 19:48

@ comment 19:28 You are Miles away from truth. Meter is a modern (1790) european length unit.

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 19:45

Dear british friends!
@ comment 19:21 well, this is probably the famous english humour I guess..

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 19:30

"Tanks" for the memories! Are they going to blast the trucks out of the way? How very Russian! ha

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 19:28

Meters are dials with faces and moving pointers. A Metre is a measurement of length. Spell much?

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 19:21

Hungarians died around Stalibgrad killed by snow. I am not surprised, that used tanks against snow.

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