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FIRST VIDEO: Snowden receives Sam Adams Award in Moscow

11.10.2013 23:47

The first videos of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have surfaced since he received asylum in Russia. The footage, provided by WikiLeaks, was taken during the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence awards ceremony.

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sandra 14.10.2013 05:44

After we all found out the truth, the Obummer administration does not care less and is going full force to lie, spy, disregard other countries privacy and track people whether they know or not. It is disgusting and anti American and a terrorist act to every human on this earth.


Stephen Ledwith 13.10.2013 19:20

Did they all get candle sticks?


Stephen Ledwith 13.10.2013 19:16

Did any body else notice Mr. Snowden receiving the coveted Candle Stick award? Because Award ceremonies are usually held around a round table, by a tight nit community of men who were so busy whistle-blowing to have commissioned a plaque suitable or possibly similar to the awards received before Mr. Snowden. Rushed??


John American 13.10.2013 16:22

You're a hero and a Patriot Mr. Snowden. Benjamin Tallmadge would be proud. I hope they let you come home one day.


Donna Marie 13.10.2013 01:11

Snowden ......You are a hero that makes us proud ! TY Russia for taking such a brave man in .


Robert Olson 12.10.2013 22:47

he's a USA spy put in russia.. russia has never lost its technology advances.. they are just not shared with the general public. They don't have the social problems america has like. no stability.. russia didn't economically collapse. they chose to collapse. they could of racked up 16 trillion in debt like the USA if they wanted.. they didn't they chose to thin out there numbers..


RadiationJoe 12.10.2013 21:45

[quote name='fidel' time='12.10.2013 15:52']

So Fidel you wish for war and destruction on isreal but not iran? You praise putin but condemn American politicians? It is true the government of isreal is as corrupt as any other government is it not? Do you intend to kill every isreali? Force them from the land they now live? Citizens of Earth hear me. It is not any one people who are at fault here. It is our governments. ALL OF THEM that conspire behind our backs. Why do you think portions of this video are not shown? Citizens of Earth unite together under one banner and take your planet back. This is your existence!


Delete This Comment 12.10.2013 20:44

Nice to hear Snowden won the Beer Drinking Award.
I've always preferred Leinenkugel's myself, but I guess Sam Adams is okay, too; if that's what you're into.


Hank A. 12.10.2013 20:02

Long live freedom and justice and equality!
By the way Snowden doesn't say "they’ll stop at nothing to PROSECUTE someone who told them the truth" he says PERSECUTE which is much different, in my opinion. Hopefully someone can fix the transcript as it appears above.


Kenneth T. Tellis 12.10.2013 19:01

Ie was Samuel Adams who really launched the Boston Tea Party on December 19, 1773. So it stands to reason that to celebrate this Sam Adams Award to Edward Snowden in Moscow, Russia, there should be the dumping of U.S. made goods into a river, and thus make known to the world America's shame of spying on friends and foes alike.


Harvey Henderson 12.10.2013 18:01

Connie 12.10.2013 16:17

" ;It reads 25 comments but we see 15."

P robably spam being removed.


Harvey Henderson 12.10.2013 17:57

Our thoughts are with you Edward. Thanks for waking the world up.


Stanley 12.10.2013 16:31

Hope he watches what he eats & drinks.

Ara fat & Litvinenko didn't respond well to Polonium.


Mortimer Snerd 12.10.2013 13:51

let's hope more people in his line of work take note & participate!


Nasi 12.10.2013 13:38

Cool ! Congratulations from tiny Catalonia !

Who cares about de bloody Nobel, any more !


Idealistic Citzofwrld 12.10.2013 13:34

One thing tyranny absolutely hates is insiders spilling their 'dirty secrets' to the simple masses.


flip benzoni 12.10.2013 12:19

Enjoyed the video, and Snowden's speech was excellent. The genuine friendliness, openness and interest shown him was plain to see, and rare too, in the world of Big Brother politics.


Silviu Costea 12.10.2013 08:45

All the world loves you, Ed! Your place in history is already wrotten, cause you are a important part of it. Also, best regards to Russia for protecting him.

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