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My son won’t get fair trial in US – Snowden’s father

31.07.2013 06:56

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden would be better off staying in Russia, because he won’t get a fair trial in the US, believes his father Lon Snowden. He may soon travel to Moscow to meet his son.

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sofia feher 05.08.2013 13:57

good info


Jay INCHAUSTEGUI III 03.08.2013 16:03

By Alissa de Carbonnel

M OSCOW (Reuters) - History suggests he will no longer be master of his fate and a Moscow exile will bring some difficult challenges.

NSA cryptologists William Martin and Bernon Mitchell defected .

The pair denounced Washington for spying on its own allies - charges echoed by Snowden half a century later.

But Martin later called his choice foolhardy as he became disillusioned with the less than ideal life in the Soviet Union and the relevance of their revelations quickly faded.

&quo t;Snowden may find that it is very, very difficult"


Jay INCHAUSTEGUI III 03.08.2013 15:28

No Hero! I think his Dad should get his buttout of our country too! We will get him in the end. What a great life he will have in such progressive. He will be dead soon and not buried on our soil...Wow Russia He is so lucky. LMAO


Eduardo De Cárcer 03.08.2013 13:08

Mr. Snowden has a aware of his human moral condition, he is a hero since he knew the consequences even before his heroic action, nevertheless he has found a welcoming status not only in Russia, Venezuela, Bolivia or Ecuador, but in the hearts of all the people that believes we deserve a better world based in freedom, not fear; remember Jesus, he was murdered for say the truth.


fran7 02.08.2013 06:20

Mr Snowdon is a hero for creating some real transparency in the World and this has obviously upset USA government who advocate it verbally but not in actuality. Mr s Snowdon,s father is right in perceiving the lack of a fair trial in the USA.


Jeremy Johnson 02.08.2013 01:24

According to Snowden's dad and his lawyer, Snowden is seeking assylum because they believe that it is impossible for him to receive a fair trail at this time. What do you think? Smart legal manuever or cowardly move? Do you think a year will take enough heat from the spotlight so that he can receive a fair trail?


Leonard Willis 01.08.2013 08:41

I was in Viet Nam from 69 till Feb.73.I know for a fact John McCain is a traitor.His buddies didn't help his bid for president for a reason.He is worse than Hanoi Jane!!


Unbiased Observer 01.08.2013 01:35

John 31.07.2013 22:12

John McCain survived torture. No running Ed!


It's well documented that John McCain evaded torture because he became a traitor. His Vietnamese captors and many others have been well paid to cover up the truth. Not only that he was a lousy pilot who crashed several planes.


Unbiased Observer 01.08.2013 01:29

John McCain was exposed by Vietnam vets inc retired Army Colonel Earl Hopper as a traitor who gave his North Vietnamese captors highly classified information, the most important was the package routes which were used to bomb N Vietnam. He gave in detail the altitude they were flying the direction if they made a turn he gave them what primary targets the US was interested in. The information McCain provided allowed the North Vietnamese to adjust their air defenses. As result…the US lost sixty percent more aircraft and in 1968 called off the bombing of North Vietnam, because of the information McCain had given to them


John 31.07.2013 22:00

Can a corrupt government function without corrupt courts ?


Ashton 31.07.2013 21:16

Snowden's registration has been delayed. At the same time in Russian press emerging articles advising that there are some kind of talks between Russia and USA about sending Snowden to Transnistria. I'm worried that this hero will be sold for cheap by evil politicians.


Dan 31.07.2013 17:24

FBI wanted Snowden's father to "visit" Edward. So an agent could touch Edward with a ring needle. With a drug that is used on schizophrenic patients. It makes them very agreeable and passive. He would then go back to the USA with the agent.


Gabriel Mark Robles 31.07.2013 15:44

As the US gets caught committing treason they violate the US Constitution to cover it up! The International Court of Justice must give some Americans a voice and forum to be heard! It's a matter of International Security!


scott 31.07.2013 15:41

Respect for Snowden..

S amir sock puppet, who is Snowden a traitor to? Not the American people? He demonstrated courage by risking his freedom by showing US govt corruption.


Unbiased Observer 31.07.2013 15:33

Three cheers for Mr Snowden.

It takes real guts to do what he has done. The world needs more Edward Snowdens.

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