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Edward should stay in Russia ‘to tell the true story’ – Snowden Sr.

17.10.2013 03:06

Snowden’s father says his son has more secrets to share, and has advised the former NSA contractor to stay in Russia “to make sure the true story is told.” The comment was made after Snowden Sr. returned to the US following a visit with his son in Russia.

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john ford 01.11.2013 22:18


I'm sure you think you are a "patriot" whatever you feel that means. If being a "patriot" entails standing up for the power of the "state" to secretly monitor every activity of the "citizen" then count me out.
It's time to drop the affection for "America" and realize that we have become worse than "Russia". Our people no longer fight the power of the "State". They embrace it. They long for more long as their own goons are pulling the levers.


S Horton 31.10.2013 21:44

Go Live in their county if you don't like it here Doug


S Horton 31.10.2013 21:42

We now know why his son is like he is. They both have not studied History. I love our country. I just don't like some people in the government.


Tessa 19.10.2013 13:24

It is time to stand up peacefully against these crimes. If you would like to do that consider THE MILLION MASK MARCH . ORG. Many collective grass roots movements including Occupy and Anonymous will be protesting that day. Please participate and spread the word.


doug 18.10.2013 02:12

He is a hero in my eyes, and I am retired USNavy. Mike, above me is right on. I am glad he is safe, and I pray that he remains so. The traitors in this country ARE our problem, the ones who chose to try to enslave us, and the rest of the world. They will lose, their days are numbered, and we all know what that number is!


mike 17.10.2013 18:47

Stay there, Edward, because America is no longer 'land of the free.' You know that, Edward, this country is a police state, a trap that beneath the surface supresses its own citizens like never before.
The middle class is wiped out in favor of the super wealthy and the soup kitchens are getting longer and longer. It is a fascist state, where the rich constantly creates new laws to protect their wealth and their 'investments' while the rest continues to get less and less, in income, in quality of life, in education, in housing, etc, etc.


George Rizk 17.10.2013 14:25

Political commentary sites are typically monitored, and infiltrated with counter disinformation! Nevertheless, in a free country, people like to voice their opinion.

Wh en 32 million Egyptians took to the streets with cell phone cameras, and world news cameras, there was no way any leader can order the extermination of such great number. The same thing here, there are millions who have some opinions critical of our foreign policies! The NSA could not arrest all of them. They are mostly good citizen with valid opinions as why they think different from our political elite.


JPSamulcek 17.10.2013 13:04

I like the situation where Snowden has put the NSA and the CIA. These people are whats wrong with our country. They flout their authority as if they were above any laws and shove it in our faces because they know there is little we can do as a population. If you think they would hesitate for one second to put a bullet in your head then sadly you have bought into this movement to remove our liberties and tou are now part of the problem.


Erik 17.10.2013 08:43

Thank You Russia!


Philo Michael 17.10.2013 08:27

Russia is doing a remarkable job to harbor Snowden! Iam a royalist of Russia


Mark Garrett 17.10.2013 07:01

Why do I have the terribly uneasy feeling that sometime in the not too distant future we're going to be reading a news report about the death of Lon Snowden?


Barton 17.10.2013 06:11

As the US under its' present leadership is eroding, its' freedoms under the constitution being lost, its' citizens becoming subjects with absolutely no privacy or power, and the government legally able to assassinate its' citizens, Russia on the other hand is a shooting star on the world scene. The citizens in Russia have made great strides in their freedoms, the country is respected on the world scene, Russia has competent leadership, and is economically stable. I wish I were a Russian now and could enjoy some of their freedoms that they have since gained since Reagan.


lena smith 17.10.2013 06:03

we should thank this man, he gave up job, family, friends to give us true and valuable information. instead of killing him we need to protect him so the next person who wants to disclose, can. bless the snowdens of this world


B Sacks 17.10.2013 04:41

Russia has far more freedoms than the USA does. You don't say????! :-D I hear St. Petersburg is nice.... :)


Mike Littlefield 17.10.2013 04:24

Russia - land of the free and home of the brave. What?

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