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NSA leaker Snowden may leave Hong Kong for Iceland on private jet

21.06.2013 15:53

A WikiLeaks-linked Icelandic businessman claims to have prepared a private jet to bring NSA leaker Edward Snowden to the country if his asylum request is approved. The whistleblower, who is wanted in the US, reportedly remains in Hong Kong.

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Anonymous user 25.06.2013 03:51

be carefull Snowden, Iceland is the number one world top favorite president is Oreo Obama.

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 21:53

God speed

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 21:30

God speed Mr Snowden

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 21:28

God speed Mr Snowden


Ricky Woods 22.06.2013 16:49

Will the Gulfstream meet the same fate as TWA Flight 800? Accidents seem to be part of eliminating dissent in America.


Edwin Figueroa 22.06.2013 11:09

Hope the brother makes it safely!

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 08:44

All that is is a person admitting that Snowden will not have to worry about his air fair.

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 08:11

Sounds very unsafe to me----would be better just to go over to the mainland and get protection there

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 07:30

I got a feeling that Jet might accidently "crash" due to a malfunction cause by several US Missles.

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 07:26

Congrats Iceland! And thank you for granting him a home.

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 07:08

It would be a victory for all conscientious people to grant him asylum.

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