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Snowden ready to go to Germany under asylum as his letter to Berlin revealed

01.11.2013 13:14

NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, is ready to go to Germany and testify over the US wiretapping of Angela Merkel’s phone on condition of granting him political asylum, a German MP who met Snowden has said. He also revealed the text of Snowden’s letter.

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Ulf Meister 05.11.2013 15:41

No peace treaty for Germany since the end of World War II even no constitution, the German people and its country is still occupied by the three remaining victorious powers and Germany isn't even a state with its own sovereignty! We Germans are the paymaster for the EU, USA and of course Israel, and it will stay this way for eternity!


zamansyedk 04.11.2013 16:39

My pesonal thiking is: Russia is the safest place now for Snowden. And we all from different country people can organize "Protect Snowden Group" for safety snowden and the world from any devil.

Pls start organize.


zamansyedk 04.11.2013 16:34

As my personal assumption that, to capture snowden, Germany & USA hard talk is a trap by USA.
It is a planning game to capture snowden by the help of Germany.
The current situation is showing that Germany is in favour of snowde, but my assumption, their is a hidden plan between Germany & USA.


zamansyedk 04.11.2013 16:29

I am Zaman from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I want to contact with Edward Snowden, and also want to meet Bangladeshi people to keep safe Snowden from USA.
So, need to contact for discussing with him and need his advice.


Mr Vision 03.11.2013 04:42

He's not safe anywhere. The golden cage he has now is the same as being in prison. Also in Russia there's enough people that would capture him to hand him over for a nice sum of cash. It doesn't matter where he is on this planet. He will just be in another golden cage with a different painting on the wall.


Tommi Hattunen 02.11.2013 13:53

He is not safe in any western country. He should stay in Russia.


Kariakas 02.11.2013 06:37

Don't go to Germany, you'll be arrested and extradited before you leave the airport.


ZT 02.11.2013 06:01

Werdna S 02.11.2013 04:42

Snowden has clearly found someone to write his letters for him... For somehow he miracoulsy learned how to use commas, whereas, in previous letters, it was clear that he did not.

Russia is milking this for all it is worth.


Do you write your own legal papers or just sign them? Either way their yours, with your signature.


ZT 02.11.2013 05:37

I think he should testify from Russia. He's taking a risk leaving for Germany.


rogirl 02.11.2013 05:10

Gee whiz Ed do what you need to do by skype, because you know that the minute you leave Russia for Germany you are in danger. Il aunty Merkel who herself is gulty of being in cahoots with the spying ring of the US wants you te testify she does not need you there in person to help her, she needs you there to help her spy buddy obomber.


Lisko 02.11.2013 04:01


They cant protect him even if they act like they can. This won't anger the US even if they act like it does. I can just feel Obama and Cameron smiling. Creepy feeling.

Th is is a Snowden trap. A well designed trap by profilers to take advantage of his personality flaws. Don't think the US couldn't orchestrate German politics to this extent. Obama and Cameron want him badly. Real badly. It looks like Snowden just might take the bait.


Paul Maher 02.11.2013 03:54

Last One, promise.
Once the internet got out, I doubt the Powers that Be were at all pleased, but, because of its design they do not have an off switch! The great service of Snowden is in pointing out clearly its lack of privacy. No system will be completely secure but right now you have it where 1 computer can spy on 10,000. If the same types that built this thing apply themselves to security (John McAfee comes to mind as an early entrant) then you might see it take 100 computers to spy on one. Wouldn't that be a pain for the "shadow" leaders. BTW that German legislator has Dangerous Eyebrows.


Paul Maher 02.11.2013 03:46

From Previous.

S o Mr. Snowden continues to be willing to take risks in defense of his position (i.e. he will testify to the U.S. congress). Countries often spy and even on their own people I suspect the U.S. is the worst of the lot at the moment, however, not to be uncouth, my understanding is this issue was more than a bit of a problem in places such as oh Germany and Russia in the not too distant past. The internet itself started as a Defense (DARPA) research project to make a secure distributed network that could not be easily taken down. Continued ...

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