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Snowden ‘may meet whoever he wants’ over Merkel phone hack – Kremlin

02.11.2013 10:52

The Kremlin, which granted the Edward Snowden asylum in Russia, does not see the whistleblower's contacts with the German parliamentary probe into the alleged NSA surveillance of Chancellor Merkel as a violation of the pledge not to hurt America.

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Ulf Meister 05.11.2013 15:38

No peace treaty for Germany since the end of World War II even no constitution, the German people and its country is still occupied by the three remaining victorious powers and Germany isn't even a state with its own sovereignty! We Germans are the paymaster for the EU, USA and of course Israel, and it will stay this way for eternity!


Dominic Blais 04.11.2013 14:30

why are people in power so stupid, germany could just issue snowden citizenship and a passport, i do not understand why he does not have almost every country in the world offering him citzenship, for his service to the greater good of us all.

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