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Snowden tricked NSA - and they don't know how he did it

24.08.2013 13:19

While collecting data Edward Snowden was able to evade all safeguards at the NSA, leaving the agency puzzled at how he did it, according to new report. Officials worry that the ease with which he covered his tracks means another breach could happen.

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Kcin Kumhsed 02.09.2014 12:18

I think russian openings their own soviets secret program dueto this nsa .bcoz America have 1 % brain . and they also not this use!


Ena Maas 24.12.2013 21:08

Doesn't this make a good christmas ? They didn't know how he did it. No, and they didn't now how this clown came to be the translator for Mr. Obama in Africa. And there is a lot they don't know if you should ask me :)
I'd like to know what amount goes into this Secret Service
or would I?


Ray Shuey 01.09.2013 04:54

1) Outsource design, development and administration of PRISM.
2) Act surprised that a private company has unfettered access.
The Pentagon behaved far more criminally than Snowden.


Ibraheem Ali 27.08.2013 02:44

If NSA doesn't want it's info leaked, it would produce it's own stuff. First, create a new proprietary file system, with your own encryption algorithm. Create your own hardware, bios, and operating system. Problem solved...not quite. Social Engineering >>>Technolo gy


James J 26.08.2013 18:32

Boot with Ubuntu, browse windows logs, edit and remove all entries during "time" to be hidden. Reboot.

NSA : Send me a blank check or next time do your own homework! Geez! Morons!


Lahcen Oizaz 26.08.2013 08:48

Till now those revelations did not attribute to any substantial disclosure of government criminal behavior in various cases like 9/11, illegal wars (conducted on false reasons on purpose to deceit WPO), haut financial crimes with global terrific consequences and so on. Therefore this whole affair smells like rotten fish.


Alexey Braguine 26.08.2013 04:08

Snowden is probably still reading and collecting NSA traffic ;)


Agency7Media 26.08.2013 03:12

If you live in a country that keeps secrets, it is not a Democracy!


Virginia Dickinson 25.08.2013 23:09

Snowden continues to be my hero and I thank him from the bottom of my heart!


Tom Greg 25.08.2013 16:09

Maybe if Obama pardoned Snowden he'd come back and give them some useful info.


Maxamed Jaamac Faarax 25.08.2013 15:26

What Snowden is made is over, but who is next to do like that. Since Obama took the office allot of documents was leaked, and US play-makers whatever they did for didn't stop leak documents, for me I think this is the smallest thing, the next one will be the disaster of US policy in or out.


fran7 25.08.2013 11:24

Compliance by suppression. this is the USA governments foreign policy and similar to UK who are like minded. The Puppet Mubarak was ousted by the people of Egypt and Morsi was legally elected by the People. The USA and Saudi Arabia fund or own the Egyptian army so they used the Egyptian army to oust Morsi because USA didn't like him. This coup now leaves the USA funded Egyptian army in control and is in effect a military dictatorship which is killing its own people. So much for USA democracy and transparency. Snowdon is a hero for exposing them and Manning for revealing the USA military murder of innocent civilians.


Michael Raymond FitzPatrick 25.08.2013 10:26

The problem is no longer Snowden, nor the "breach in NSA security", not even the criminal activity of the US government associated with it. The real problem is the acceptance of this gangsterism by the people. This begs a Very Big Question. What other criminal act has the 'US government' perpetrated on its people to keep the vast majority compliant?


Affan Noor 25.08.2013 08:37

get in touch with snowden and let us know what else America did.. by the way who will let America be counted for??

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