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Snowden scraps Russia asylum bid over call to cease ‘anti-US activity’ – Kremlin

02.07.2013 07:59

US whistleblower Edward Snowden asked for asylum in Russia, but later withdrew the request after President Putin urged him to cease "anti-American activity," according to the President's spokesperson.

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Anonymous user 02.07.2013 16:48

All this US/NSA/Snowden stuff is not a Russian problem at all, rise up and deal with it yourselves.

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 16:41

glad snowden disliked the pathetic offer of russia who show world they are no leader.stupid cowards

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 16:41

Putin is so contradictory. Fortunately, russians will never know the truth about him.

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 16:41

The only cowards are those who blame Russia instead of blaming the real cause of the problem - US.

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 16:38

Quote "Where is the Syrian opposition prime minister who got elected with only 15 votes in Turkey?

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 16:37

russians really have no plan how to capture opportunitiees given to them in @08 and now. real fools

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 16:36

Its as if the Russians are still unable to grasp the full extent of US/NATO ill-will and duplicity

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 16:35

russian foreing misnitry is infiltrated by englihs spies. one was appinted as MEadvisor by medvedev

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 16:34

Britain was organizing an invasion of rebels(terrorists) into Syria. -dumas the ex FM of france

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 16:33

stupid lavrov is weakling bootlicker of anglos-real disgrace like medvedev and yeltsin. iran learn

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