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Russia yet to receive Snowden asylum request

15.07.2013 11:55

Russia has still not received an application for asylum from Edward Snowden fueling speculation over his intentions. The NSA leaker is reportedly healthy and has all his necessities provided for in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport.

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Anonymous user 16.07.2013 00:16

Russia delusional that its real enemy anglos-aka west-will invite rus to share loot from the world.

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 00:12

shame on russia! theiving english shelter your criminal oligarchs -70%british GDP is money launder

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 00:11

Rus knows not that prevention of war is possible only at early stage by confrontating anglo enemy

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 00:11

showing thistype of weakness by rus atracts evil anglos to destablise russia knwoing rus is all talk

Anonymous user 16.07.2013 00:10

The president Putin saying: "How can I know that?This is his life and his fate."!what a coward rus!

Anonymous user 15.07.2013 19:28

It's obvious he wants to stay in Russia but Russians dont want the bad relations his stay will bring

Anonymous user 15.07.2013 16:59

"PRISIM" was minor. Snowden gave the details regarding Israel striking Iran= MAJOR.

Anonymous user 15.07.2013 16:18

It wont matter where snowden goes- this world is run by men in a very private club & we arent in it

Anonymous user 15.07.2013 16:17

Rather than thinking country leaders being seprated think world leaders as a "private society"

Anonymous user 15.07.2013 16:07

Always making sure the threats are always presen for the public to fear- always at war alway warring

Anonymous user 15.07.2013 14:51

I hope Snowden is aware of what he is doing...

Anonymous user 15.07.2013 14:50

Thanks a lot, Russia! Hugs from Germany!

Anonymous user 15.07.2013 14:47

What are you waiting for Edward? You better be careful with playing footsey with the Russians!

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