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Snowden: There’s no chance Russia, China have NSA docs

18.10.2013 00:09

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden says neither Russia nor China had access to the sensitive documents he retrieved from the spy agency detailing its mass surveillance operations throughout the globe.

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Joe Detracktor 19.10.2013 16:01

For a solution to cell phone tracking, spying, eavesdropping, stalking and hacking search youtube for detracktor.


Mr Vision 19.10.2013 01:53

Hollywood told us this kind of business for at least 30 years ago. Basically we already knew, but for most people there's nothing of interest for the NSA so most don't care too much home much private life dwells on the internet.

W hy isn't a large portion of Hollywood not on this 'Most wanted list'?


eric swan 19.10.2013 00:55

Tell the truth about time travel.


漢陰陽 18.10.2013 11:16

it is western liberal democracies that perpetrate the vast majority of cyberespionage on this planet. ironic how they champion freedom and democracy while maximizing Slavery and ignorance while you sleep.


漢陰陽 18.10.2013 10:52

China lacks the infrastructure or capability to conduct cyberespionage. they can't even keep the Satanic falun Gong under control or have yet to publish a single Chinese site on the Internet that westerners would view; they can't even make a web site!


Ean x 18.10.2013 09:47

Keith Bosthen 18.10.2013 09:38

as we see nowadays, NSA violates every american right.


I'm guessing you are American because you're very self-centred. It's not just American rights they are violating, yet many American's feel it's OK to spy on allies and other countries, as long as it's not us! The day people start caring for humans as a whole will the world change. The "them and us" mentality is how governments manipulate people for their own ends. Why not start thinking about humans as a single entity with the same rights rather than a different species because of geographical divides?


Keith Bosthen 18.10.2013 09:38

Ean x 18.10.2013 09:10

.. evil is everywhere - the US, Russia, in the EU..


If we look from historic point of view, Russia is doing whole A LOT better, there has be massive changes in Russia, and i think they are restoring democracy more rapidly than any western country, hence banking system, and police brutality in western society, also lack of free speech. And U.S in the other hands, is loosing a lot of human rights, as we see nowadays, NSA violates every american right.


Ean x 18.10.2013 09:10

Sure. Russia have made a few good decisions lately, but I wish people would stop making them out be the the anchor of democracy and free speech, they are certainly not. Russia have a mountain of human rights abuses against them. They are also getting far too much credit for preventing the attack on Syria as it was Iran than came up with the idea of destroying chemical weapons who discussed it with Russia and they pushed it forward. I'll remind people of abuses in Chechnya and North Caucasus where killings and torture of citizens have taken place.. evil is everywhere - the US, Russia, in the EU..


john 18.10.2013 08:38

if russia was trurhfully so eager to help transparency and snowden's effort to enlighten the world about state surveilance it would have already secured safe passage to one of the countries that have offered him full and UNCONDITIONAL asylum... the stay-here-but-shut-u p arrangment is just the bare minimum russia could have opted for in order to avoid disclosing how much on the same page they are with the US regarding surveilance tacticts and civil rights conflicts..


Amir Islam 18.10.2013 05:46

American intelligence is now proved a weak system. They have wrong intelligence over Iraq and Afghanistan. American nation is no more a respectful nation now. On the other hand, Russians have established their strengths and proved that they are no more weak rather Russians are now respectable and they are capable of countering any international move of USA. The issue of Snowden is another weakness of USA. Don't blame Russia


sandra 18.10.2013 04:51

Snowden does not embarrass Russia. Snowden proves to the world that Russia is a trusting and honest country. A country you can count on. A country that is strong yet understanding and makes solutions where others are unable to. When you say Russia, your are saying respect for so many reasons. Russia has great leaders and I admire them. Yet, I am still hoping the US will get a leader comparable to any of the Russians leaders and they work together. Say what they mean. Not like when Obummer basically said off mike, when I get reelected I will work with you. He is a liar and he proved it to the world.


Christopher Howard 18.10.2013 03:57

Nah he let them have something and it must have been good too, Russia is the only country who can keep him safe. Right after this the Russians backed us down on Syria they must know something the US govt didn't think that they knew. Its a new world peeps and its Putin calling the shots now. The US in bankrupt and all her allies are bankrupt and Russia is sitting on 1/3 of the worlds oil, over 3/4 of the worlds gold, and 75% of the worlds Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical weapons. The US is desperate we as a country don't know what to do except start a war and Russia told us if we do in Syria its the USA's last one.


Christopher Howard 18.10.2013 03:47

I don't believe this at all, classic case of false info. Lets look at the facts. He is supposed to be in Russia and at one time worked for the NSA who the Russians want to know all about. Before he got there he was in China and was allowed to just leave without a passport. Dudes and dudettes you cant walk across the street in China without a passport let alone walk into an airport, get a ticket and board a plane. No chance Snowden let them read something cuz if you remember we asked the Chinese to let us have him and they laughed in our faces, their answer was send him to Putin he can keep him safe. And he has so far.


Michael Ehling 18.10.2013 01:42

Rick Lee 18.10.2013 01:00

7. Having lived my entire life being spied upon and commercials made about me I grow weary of spy tales.


Ooooh, that's horrid to have commercials made about oneself. (Better get back on your meds, Rick.)


Candide Schmyles 18.10.2013 01:27

Rick Lee 18.10.2013 01:04


Jose ph Edward Snowden the FSB / KGB head said you were welcome to stay in Russia as long as you kept your mouth shut.

How does being "welcome" and "unwelcome" ; ; not translate into your limited Russian?


Snowden was offered shelter on condition he did not further embarrass the US. He is not doing that. He is simply defending his position against the propaganda that tries to say the leaks harmed people. Something every non-shill commentator agrees on.

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