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The Terminal: Snowden stuck in Moscow transit zone, missed latest flight to Havana

26.06.2013 12:19

Edward Snowden hasn’t been seen on Thursday’s flight from Moscow to Cuba and has no ticket booked out of Russia over the next three days. With no valid passport, the NSA whistleblower might be stuck in airport limbo indefinitely.

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Anonymous user 29.06.2013 09:47

Snowden should go to work at a Russian University as a teacher

Anonymous user 28.06.2013 11:47

why USA is afraid of Snowden? When the freedom and privacy of people across the globe is at stake?

Anonymous user 28.06.2013 09:32

I think, there is no problem to dissapear a man in the big nice Russian country.


Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz 28.06.2013 08:26

William Shakespeare says: "Much ado about nothing."


Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz 28.06.2013 08:24

I thought he was getting drunk in some Moscow brothel.

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 18:05

Snowden is the public's figment of imagination. He's as worthless as the Easter Bunny and Elvis.

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 18:03

Snowden is like Santa Clause. You have to believe in him or he won't climb down your chimney.

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 18:00

Jacked off and good to go.

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 17:57

If Snowden wasn't jerking off in the restroom, he wouldn't had missed that first flight.


TC 27.06.2013 16:01

The US government is terrified that Ed Snowden will blow more state secrets to China or Russia - so they revoked his passport and effectively stranded him in Russia, which will happily provide him with sanctuary.

US foreign policy doesn't work unless military force is involved. We have left the land of diplomacy and embarked on the sea of international terrorism as a nation. The US has become the 'evil empire' it once accused Russia of being.

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 15:12

i think russian security service has already been helping him for further traveling abroad..


Agus Ridwan Hidayat 27.06.2013 14:37

I can help wondering if this saga will be made a real story-based yet heavily twisted flick and nominated an Oscar just like Argo..

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 14:19

sneak back into usa, millions of illegal mexicans do every day!

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 14:00

i doubt he even exists ;)

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 13:58

wouldn't be surprised if he vanishes somehow in that crowd its not like he is monitored right?

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 13:55

look, as long as he doesn't officially enter a country there is no reason to demmand extortion

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 13:07

"Invalid passport" is a legal mumbo jumbo. As long as he has a passport in hand, he can travel.

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 13:05

Just because US invalidated his passport does not mean he cannot go anywhere. What's up?

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