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WikiLeaks' Sarah Harrison who helped Snowden reach Moscow fears returning to UK

06.11.2013 19:28

Sarah Harrison, the WikiLeaks journalist, who accompanied Edward Snowden from Hong Kong to Russia and stayed with him until he was given asylum, says the whistleblowing site lawyers advise her against going home to Britain.

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Red October 11.11.2013 18:34

Only their mind control weapon can do against me few things . Do not let me sleep , do not have right to have fan with girls , do not have the right to learn language as they washed my mind by the begining keeping me for months without remembring even witch day or witch month . Dreams of rape using background mind tank until now .


Red October 11.11.2013 18:21

I never said that I'm living in dreams world , that was me who hunt to meet tiger . I had boy tiger before they catch ander mind control , now 7 years exactlly and he is live , their microwaves does not impress at all . I don't have any relation with my familly since because of this microwaves .
I have the right to be interested in hunting the future as any one , Serpentine temple acted to help me and nothing was surprise to me , that was my work from long time ago , they offered me peace and power , waiting for for new birth .


Red October 09.11.2013 12:55

Interestingly I find myself Inside their microwave , under interdiction to learn english for 4 years , under interdiction to approach any female as I'm a shame for them . In their mind doesn't make sense that kind of powerfull creature of light comes to you . In the same time telling me you are married , Of course in my new world I'm married with 2 and waiting the third and I've boy witch is now 7 years old class tiger with my first wife . All my wives are the queens of the ancient temples .


Red October 09.11.2013 12:36

Of course justice does not apply for people under mind control , because they are part in this system , when ever you go to justice to expose your case you are the looser . they will tell you its a surnaturel phenomena and if you insiste you are parano .
Of course when you are in london , you will wonder if your nightmare is naturally made or manufactured and its the truth for every body . And in my case i know it from the begining , under mind and physical torture to control tiger . But what making difference that i'm for them some kind of evil , later dog and later rat .


James Richmond 08.11.2013 12:37

RT, I wanted to take a minute to say thanks. Thanks for your creative storytelling. You're brilliant at making the simple, artfully complex. Your great at providing highly entertaining tales that discuss what matters. Our interaction with your stories is what matters more. If we're not engaged, you've (clearly) missed the 'entertainment' mark. Keep the laughs coming gang. You're the best! :)


Carlos 08.11.2013 00:43

logical-americ an 07.11.2013 16:51

His choice, nobody is forcing him to hide in the embassy.


Do you have an understanding of what the word "asylum" acutely means? It means the ability to seek sanctuary against political persecution! In this case the persecution is being conducted by the UK and Sweden on behalf of a third party, the US, as a means of removing the figurehead of a news site which has demonstrated US duplicity, murder and breaches of international law. To suggest that he is hiding demonstrates no understanding of the matter in hand!!


StepStone 07.11.2013 23:01

#without any reservation.


StepStone 07.11.2013 23:00

I am afraid to give comments even here. I do not have enough courage to express my feeling of our corrupted world without any reserve.


Red October 07.11.2013 21:27

I'm the solo , Red spider , I'm not from the third world , i'm not from your world . I don't have any one with me .


Tony Blair 07.11.2013 19:06

She is wise not to return to the uk. The mother of all parliamnets, as in the iraqi mother. She will be black listed, unable to obtain real employment & hounded. Just like the old soviet union. Remember what happened to princess diana & david kelly the weapons inspector. Said the spider to the fly.


goedelite 07.11.2013 18:14

The UK is a puppet of the US.


goedelite 07.11.2013 18:13

logical-American: You claim to be logical, but you don't begin with knowing the facts: There are no charges in Sweden for Mr Assange to face. He is not charged with anything. The outrage is, in part, that his extradition request is for questioning, no accusation of a crime.


Dg1959 07.11.2013 12:36

Think it's a sad day for all people when they tell how bad governments are corrupt which we all know. That the people who have proof of all these wrong doings by the powers that are. Are persecuted for showing the people the real truth. Freedom is not a fact of life as they all preach. It's control and power and abuse of those powers they really want. Control the masses is all the game plan they have in mind.

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