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Firebird flame: Sochi Winter Olympic torch unveiled

14.01.2013 13:41

Russia’s Olympic Committee has presented the Olympic Torch, one of the central elements of the upcoming Sochi-2014 XXII Winter Olympics. Inspired by Russian fairytale Firebird, it will make a journey like no other Games torch before it.

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Cyprian Crawford 08.12.2013 23:22

The choice of the "firebird" (Russian version of the phoenix) for the Olympic torch of the Sochi games, along with the fire and ice (red and blue) symbols of alchemy, is quite telling, as with the London 2012 closing ceremonies, which concluded with a simulated self-immolation of a 70-foot wide phoenix, while the band Take That sang "Rule the World"

Plans by the Zionists for nuclear worldwide terror on Xmas/Pascha with phoenix theme is also alluded to in Harry Potter, whose magic wand was made from holly wood and the tail feather of a phoenix.

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly." Associating Xmas and phoenix


WorkTogether 17.07.2013 22:07

Love the design. Innovative & unique. Sochi will enthrall everyone and people will return home raving about their incredibly joyous time, to return to Sochi again & again. A permanent holiday destination... Hot Cool...Yours! So Sochi!

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