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2410 days of waiting: What's in store for the Winter Games?

07.02.2014 00:42

The opening ceremony of the 22nd Winter Olympics is taking place – exactly 2,410 days after Sochi won the bid to host the Games at precisely 20:14 local time.

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Hans Onrust 07.02.2014 20:16

Russia can only be congratulated indeed for this magnificent impressive opening of the winter Olympics. What an incredible creative performance of all involved. Swan Lake music in this ambiance on world stage !!! Absolutely moving.


Hans Onrust 07.02.2014 20:06

Dokumentor, sad for all germans. On top of massive ridiculous costs for everything but own development they now have to pay € 19 monthly!!! for this low level boring old fashioned shows and some self-hating docu's from mercenary Guido Knopp. This GEZ law gives me the thrills hand in hand with widely spread blocking of even You Tube films under the banner of so called Urheberrechte !!! Depressing.


Roxy Chick 07.02.2014 19:14

Russia and President Putin the Man who Can is India's alli and always has been, India stands alongside Russia. We (the people) love you President Putin you have now been voted in the american forbes magazine as the Wolrlds Most Powerful Man pushing tinee winee obananarama into second place and about time too!

Russia , her President and People should stand Proud and Tall today and from now on, Mr Putin you have pulled it off I only wish I could pull you my way ;-)


SourceKnown! 07.02.2014 19:12

All we need is for the weather to hold and this could be great for Russia and the world.

Hope fully it will be a success!


Dokumentor 07.02.2014 19:11

This was because they dont wanted to show girls kissing in front of the family audience.

T he same hypocrite state TV took a leading part nowadays in the smear campaign against russia.

Tou che!

Good luck to all russian athlets and thank you for your great hospitality!


Dokumentor 07.02.2014 19:10

Chosing t.a.t.u. music at the opening ceremony for russia is a first gold medal for russia.

10 years ago, t.a.t.u. were performing a song in the most popular german TV show, which is called "Wetten dass?". The german TV turned the cameras into another direction, away from the girls, when they started kissing during the performance.


Dokumentor 07.02.2014 19:08


Th ank you from germany.

My personal bow and congrats to the organizers who choose t.a.t.u. for the entering music of the russian athlets.

We had weeks of anti-russian-propaga nda in german media before the olympics. Stating Russia is homophobic, undemocratic and other bullshit that was meant to demonize russia. Lots of german people were annoyed and angry about this propaganda in state and corporate media.


Denise Ellis 07.02.2014 19:08

Beautiful setting, remarkable achievement against all odds.


Roxy Chick 07.02.2014 19:07

Well Done Russia!

Mega-fidel - I totally agree with you A MASSIVE TOAST TO RUSSIA PRESIDENT PUTIN and may Russia win alot of Gold Medals.

I am very happy that nor obanarama, cameronkey attended they are too busy banging on about gay rights in the west. I like Mr Putin he is a strong man and he absolutely right in telling the west 'stop going on about gay rights in Russia when the Saudi's are hanging them'. President Putin has guts, suave, sophistication, intelligence, strength, style, coolness, women who adore him, men want to be him. Oh Russia how lucky you are please can we share him in Asia??


Mirek 07.02.2014 18:51

Nice ceremony.


Albert Scuttlebutt 07.02.2014 18:46

As the English would say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
Some will be eating humble pie!



Sylvia Cooper 07.02.2014 18:27

I'm from the US and I think Putin ROCKS! The man turned a country around and is now hosting the Olympics there? KUDOS to him! I think he is an amazing man!

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