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“US space program is dead-end”

27.07.2011 07:59

Bill Anders, a retired NASA astronaut who was part of the first US mission to the Moon and took a celebrated photograph of a rising Earth told RT the picture started the environmental movement and explained why the Americans flew to the moon.

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Alex Moisseeff 15.11.2013 08:10

its true that our quest for exploration is commendable ...
but what almost all dont understand is is true implications of this undertaking ...
sadly...... this is not like the first explorers who built and navigated sailing ships to explore vast oceans...

Not the same..!

loo k at the TOTAL ability of human and material resources.. so far the most expensive human undertaking ...( space station)..nothing more than smelly tin cans in decling orbit....

m aterialy logisticaly technicaly.... we are are SO not going anywhere.....

better to clean up back yard .....


Dean Holyer 30.08.2013 09:43

Yes the American Governments aspect of sending humans into space could be dead, but what is not dead is the American desire to explore space. America's space launcher for humanity is moving from Government into the hands of American free enyerprise system. Just look at Sierra Nevada's Dream Cast mini space shuttle that was created 30 miles to the north of me. It may still need an ok from the American Government to go into space, but that is a government problem of being to big and greedy.

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