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‘Homicide not suicide’: Spain facing ‘humanitarian’ crisis over evictions

22.11.2012 11:28

As eviction-related suicides continue to rise in Spain, protests are becoming more frequent with the public outraged at the government’s lack of action to combat social ills. Evictions are a “humanitarian concern,” the national bank chief has said.

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mergon 14.12.2013 10:46

everybody has to go to work /drive a vehicle and go home if these people are bankers ,government ministers or eviction workers their number plates can be traced their homes can be found and there are few rules for this situation one is .22 another is 223 another .38 the rules are simple !

Anonymous user 25.05.2013 17:06

Just a matter of time before they go after bankers, CEOS, and politicians.There will be blood!

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