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Battle of Stalingrad: Russia marks 70th anniversary of key WWII fight (PHOTOS)

02.02.2013 07:23

The bloodiest and longest standoff of WWII – the Battle of Stalingrad – lasted 200 days and claimed 2 million lives. Russia is marking the 70th anniversary of this epic struggle, which became the turning point leading to overthrow of Nazi Germany.

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rozbat 29.11.2013 10:54

finally your both (your brave peoples and Zhukov's skills) won this battle. Some peoples tells Winter and snow helped yours i don't believe this arguman you could win again without snow also Hitler made some stratetig mistakes in the beginning of this war also German oil problem was so important too if the German army could reach this area before it could change..


rozbat 29.11.2013 10:49

hi from Turkey our dear Russian friends im calling all of yours Trabzon province of the Turkey(in Black sea Coast near the Caucasus region on 2014 winter olympic city SOCHİ ) . There is a few crucial battles in history ours (siege of Vienna -1683) Battle of Verdun(first world war) im a history teacher in my opinion yours Battle of stalingrad was the key battle of the your hero peoples end your brave soldiers you did great job in this battle because German army was so stronger in 1942 (they were so many panzers and war vehicles and elite army units) also there wasn't second front in Europa too...

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