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Borei super-subs trials may be postponed after Bulava ‘failure’

07.09.2013 07:21

Russia may put on hold trials of two nuclear-powered Borei-class submarines due to an unsuccessful launch of a Bulava ballistic missile, report news agencies. The rocket experienced a malfunction in one of its systems in the second minute of its flight.

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Eric Rojas Chiong 19.09.2013 02:27

Gnarly boat. Kind of like the Typhoon when it first rolled out.


james 07.09.2013 20:46

ime sure as an alternative to star wars something along the lines of electronic counter measures from space has been considered,theres so much money power and national security associated with rocket launches .so what was that thing the us had orbiting the china sea for so long?thay dont want to say anything about that one.


Lingam 07.09.2013 16:31

WW3 will break out well before 2018. Sad to say.

The US/Saudi/Israeli attack front is a warm-up to attack on Iran, and that in turn is part of the global plan to isolate Russia into submission or beat it into submission.


所有的時間我不是這裡 07.09.2013 14:16

not all people are nasty egotists


Commander 07.09.2013 13:37

We cannot rule out the possibility of the United States interfering with the electronic systems during these missile tests. I imagine that such interfering could be performed from great distances, including high above in earth orbit. This possibility is probably being considered, in
light of the number of failed test flights.


Dodgy Dave 07.09.2013 11:13

Well done Russia, a very very impressive submarine and no doubt faultless, even though you say the missile failed.


Zobel Amar 07.09.2013 10:45

"In Vlad we trust"


AmericanX 07.09.2013 10:28

This sub looks very impressive.
Howe ver world peace is now in a state of flux.
This sub may not get to make an impact.

Unl ess this is the intended message, for I have great respect for Russian strategic think tanks.

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