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Swastika raised in Baltic country – tribute to history or Nazi revival?

07.06.2010 02:47

The swastika is considered a Nazi symbol and banned in most of Europe. But a Lithuanian court recently ruled that it's not exclusively a Nazi emblem after students displayed the symbol at an independence parade.

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Tony Clifton 19.09.2013 12:33

"I will not go into great detail, only mention that Hitler emerged as a direct consequence of the treaty of Versailles (i.e. de facto designed by Entente itself), which Lord Keynes so vigorously opposed himself."

Adolph Hitler referred to the Treaty of Versailles as that "instrument of mass extortion and abject humiliation." That it was.

What is virtually unknown is that the US was drawn into that War by a cabal of US/European zionists...they were rewarded at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference by receiving deed and title to Palestine. Checkout the book by William Lasser, Ben Victor Cohen:Architect of the New Deal

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