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The big three: Sweden reacts to report of intel cooperation with NSA, GCHQ

07.09.2013 03:20

Sweden’s leaders came forward to express deep concern after a report alleged that the country’s spy agency has close ties with the NSA and GCHQ, and is the third major partner in surveillance cooperation.

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Guillermo Martinez 08.09.2013 10:32

Dudaev was killed on 21 April 1996, by two laser-guided missiles when he was using a satellite phone, after his location was detected by a Russian reconnaissance aircraft, Additional aircraft were dispatched (a Su-24MR and a Su-25) to locate Dudaev and fire a guided missile. Exact details of this operation were never released by the Russian government. Russian reconnaissance planes in the area had been monitoring satellite communications for quite some time trying to match Dudaev's voice signature to the existing samples of his speech. It was claimed Dudaev was killed by a
Oh! kremlin have been doing it for so long!!


Gunar 08.09.2013 04:15

If correct, this is a shame to Sweden. Seems the world is needing a great purification.


Carlos Gomez 08.09.2013 01:08

People of the world, we the 99% are ashamed of all that our Gov't has done. Personally, I think EVERY single person who was involved should face severe Criminal Prosecution, i.e. the corp's that also were hired to sift the data. Its a major blemish considering we're allegedly a democracy for some, controlled by a Fascist executive system that does exactly what they want, when they want. Its definately absolutely NOTHING "We The People" knew was going on ! An we are even caught up in the b.s. So please know this.


WorkTogether 07.09.2013 22:47

Cornelius 07.09.2013 12:09

We as the people must spy on the Bilderbergs, on Aipac, on ADL, on FBI, on CIA on the white house, on the EU in Brussel, on NATO , on the Freemasonry and our own governments. We dont trust them anymore.


They could NEVER EVER be trusted from the beginning. They are evil psychopaths & their filth & depravity, is utterly beyond the comprehension of honest, straightforward, well-adjusted, freedom loving people who care for others, the planet & all it's incredible marvels...


WorkTogether 07.09.2013 22:39

kc 07.09.2013 12:40

Look like Sweden is falling into US trap.


Been going on for years & years... great embarrassment now with Ed's NSA revelations!


Marcus Nilsson 07.09.2013 19:44

Lingam 07.09.2013 16:24

That's 'rich', coming from the same bunch who is seeking to extradate J. Assange on phony charges and is willing to then send him to the US.

It's time for someone to 'kick the hornets nest'.


You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.
He has been accused of rape, but what he is wanted for is not making court, and this even he admits to.


nagyelme 07.09.2013 19:09

people forget the the governments are largely out of the loop except for some insider collaborators with the neo-con agenda. The intelligence agencies are now an arm of the corporate lobbyists and military industrial complex, they are out of governmental oversight.

Democracy' s challenge in Sweden and elsewhere is now how to reign in these conspiracies that are covertly in charge from behind the scenes in everything, from economic, social and foreign policy to media, to laws, judiciary and law enforcement....


TP Vero 07.09.2013 18:48

I am severely disappointed by the Swedes. I hope the people come up with a plan to make the government behave with some honor and honesty and not try to emulate the dirty dealing of the governments of the USA, Britain and Israel who have the insane desire to eavesdrop on the entire planet. They you have Israel spying on all the spying.


penelope powell 07.09.2013 16:44

The UN committee investigating the Syria chemattack is Scandinavian (Swedish?). You don't suppose Obama's interest there has any connection? No, I guess I'm just being paranoid. The committee is forbidden to say anything about WHO attacked anyway. I wonder if its possible to find out who arranged that. Veterans Today is showing a video of the "rebels" actually launching the chemical. Seems they were nearly caught, ran away leaving their home video behind.


Lingam 07.09.2013 16:24

That's 'rich', coming from the same bunch who is seeking to extradate J. Assange on phony charges and is willing to then send him to the US.

It's time for someone to 'kick the hornets nest'.

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