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‘Multiculturalism failing’: Swedish PM pleas for order as riots engulf Stockholm suburbs

21.05.2013 20:09

Hundreds youths hurling rocks, burning cars and smashing windows for the second day in a row in Stockholm say they are protesting against police brutality and inequality. In Sweden, critics of the multiculturalism policies lash out at immigration laws.

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Tony Blair 24.08.2014 17:48

The politicians took this liberal marxist multicultural experiment on them selves. The public were never asked if they wanted it in a democratic referendum The only people who will sort this mess out are the national socialists. Its good to see the Viking spirit is still alive.


Natalie Golovin 01.11.2013 13:13

"Suicide of a Superpower" by Pat Buchanan. He's been prescient for decades. Ethnicity matters & it matters very much. Liberals control culture & demand blindness to simple realities.


Hannah Puissa Mostert 17.09.2013 06:03

Its time for the immigrants to go home, they need to take responsibility for their own lives and governments, its enough now.

Anonymous user 13.07.2013 11:33

Come to Africa - brutality and violence is a way of life. Hack and burn, xenophobia.

Anonymous user 29.05.2013 08:49

the US jails are packed to the brim - no country has more in jail -

Anonymous user 27.05.2013 17:22

Dave -> The crime rate in the USA has gone down for 20 straight years after peaking in the 1990's.


Dave Ippolito 26.05.2013 00:34

America... look and learn.. we need to ensure that our melting pot continues to boil or we will be Europe soon.

NOTIC E - IF you want to come to America to live then plan on becoming and American first or choose another country....

Anonymous user 25.05.2013 15:08

Ethnic groups - tribes - are fundamental to human conflict. Import more tribes, import more conflict

Anonymous user 25.05.2013 15:04

Several more cities targeted by small riots on Friday night. Police say extreme left instigators.


Stokey Bob 25.05.2013 14:11

No matter how much real money people can put together to build their countries the way they want there are those that can print up what ever it takes to get their way.

Anonymous user 25.05.2013 13:42

These parasites still preach more 'diversity'.

The answer is more deportarions, more repatriations

Anonymous user 25.05.2013 10:45

Europeans may cling to 17th Century myths about "nation" but they can't expect migrants to do so.

Anonymous user 25.05.2013 10:40

Nationalists are stupid. How will enforcing a 17th Century myth solve a fundamental social problem?


Claudia Muscat 25.05.2013 07:32

NOW IN SWEDEN TOO................

Anonymous user 24.05.2013 22:36

You call this a riot?

Anonymous user 24.05.2013 22:32

no more imigeants or civil war

Anonymous user 24.05.2013 18:30

Nice idea, but not working. High number of immigrants do not want to mix. no more immigration.

Anonymous user 24.05.2013 17:12

start by blocking all new arrivals, administratively. go from there.

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