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Sweden 'spied on Russian leaders for US'

05.12.2013 09:48

Swedish signals intelligence agency FRA spied on Russian leaders and shared the data collected with the US, local media report citing Edward Snowden leaks. Sweden’s ‘cable access’ made its position ‘unique’ in the eyes of the NSA.

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Markus Limmergård 06.12.2013 06:56

And btw Lutherans? I really don't care what fairy tale people believe in since all religions are magic tricks. Although Sweden's officially a protestant country, we're secular, and most people are agnostics or atheists.


Markus Limmergård 06.12.2013 06:54

RockyFjord 06.12.2013 04:03

Those dirty Swedes! Never trust Lutherans! What have Swedes got that we can boycott? Don't they make Jonsered chainsaws? They are mighty good chainsaws too. But might have to boycott them! Boycott Swedish
meatball s too! Boycott blondes?


Ta lking as a Swede, who hates his government, I'd prefer you didn't boycot us, since that would cripple our economy, especially since we're going to have an economic crisis in a couple of years. What you can do is show support for a political party which opposes these policies. Myself, I'll be voting for the Left party.


Isaiah Rodriguez 06.12.2013 05:10

Proud Atheist 06.12.2013 03:53

"Isaiah Rodriguez" for President of the United States.

Where is the Bush picture?


I like the smoking baby better. The bush picture isnt as cute. thanks btw. Ill switch it each week. ;)


JailBanksters 06.12.2013 05:04

Okay, we get it, every country is spying on every other country on behalf of the USA because the USA doesn't want to be seen as the bad guy.


Proud Atheist 06.12.2013 03:53

"Isaiah Rodriguez" for President of the United States.

Where is the Bush picture?


Isaiah Rodriguez 06.12.2013 03:14

EBI 06.12.2013 03:01

its a well known fact the evil US is financing Russian opposition to try to toppled the Govt.


Yes they are. There is Nothing russia can do but attempt to register all NGO's as forign agents. Thats it. Thats all they got. A measly registry. Russia doesnt belive in "wire tapping" or "Internet traffic monitering" or "invading priviacy" these so called ethical bounderies are keeping the Russian government inthe dark, allowing the real international starts to take over and transgress. Russia will eventually lose out, as the world is 10 steps ahead. Ethical bounderies!


Common Sense 06.12.2013 03:05

I am consistantly baffled by the effectiveness of the Putin propaganda machine. Though I guess I shouldn't be as we have seen propagandas power many times in history.

Ju st sad to see it in this day in age when Russians have access to the internet which contains many sources of information.

I see all of you people lashing out at the people of other countries based off of misguided notions of the truth. If we all remember that we are all just people of this Earth trying to find happiness then the world would be a much more peaceful place.


EBI 06.12.2013 03:01

its a well known fact the evil US is financing Russian opposition to try to toppled the Govt.


Isaiah Rodriguez 06.12.2013 02:07


Too bad Russia cannot maintain an equal footing in international counter intelligence.

This artical reinforces Russias seemingly weak stance at defending its own nation. Weak intelligence leads to weak desisions. The Russiab people will end up suffering because of their governments lack of or failed attempts at international espionage.

It would be better if parts if the country renounce the government and start their own. At least they would have a say and have a better chance at making a global impact and bettering its own economy-away from curruption and individuale greed driven desisions


Isaiah Rodriguez 06.12.2013 02:00



DissidentView 06.12.2013 00:25

Sheepleherd 05.12.2013 16:26

There will be no change in politics until Swedish people reclaim the media. It is being used as a weapon against the people. Right Side = Left side = continuing treason.
The parties are infiltrated by hidden agenda sociopaths.
Best bet for a change currently is Sweden Democrats. Not perfect,but the only way out.


Sverigedemokratern a (Sweden Democrats) are also infiltrated by Jews, like the Ekeroth brothers, Tommy Hansson.


Tim Haveman 06.12.2013 00:03

Sweden and Russia have been going at it since prior to Peter The First. Nobody in Sweden or Russia is shocked.

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