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Swedish toymaker publishes 'gender-neutral' children's Christmas catalogue

25.11.2012 10:41

One of the largest toy chains in Sweden published a gender-neutral Christmas catalogue, which pictured boys playing with dolls and girls holding toy machine guns. The move has reignited a debate in Sweden over the proper place of gender roles.

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John 29.06.2013 08:44

Why not just let them be children? I was the only boy amongst five sisters and we grew up quite happily without specific toys. We played in the woods climbing trees or splashing in the stream. They were just as interested in frogs as I was and building, (Very dangerous) tree houses. When they needed someone to get in the pram it was always me, and being lazy would quite enjoy being pushed around snoring my head off, until they tipped me out. Non of us grew up with any issues regarding our sexuality and when we were very young it never occured to us that there was such a thing as sexual difference. We all grew up fine

Anonymous user 22.04.2013 20:05

hurr hurr p o o p

Anonymous user 22.04.2013 15:27

What's wrong? They're just toys.

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