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Swedish doctors transplant 9 wombs, women prepare to get pregnant

13.01.2014 14:56

Swedish doctors have completed a pioneer project successfully transplanting wombs to nine women. While doctors say pregnancy is not certain after transplant, it can still give a chance to thousands of women without a uterus to have biological children.

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Capucine Altier 13.01.2014 23:51

This is wrong


paradigm-respawn 13.01.2014 21:48

If a Human Womb is Transplanted into another Species and the Fertilized Ovum comes from Third Parties?

I feel that Surrogates are a Better Choice - a Transplanted Womb may not Survive Partuition - a Medically Traumatic Event - Ripped Loose in the Third Trimester in a Fender-Bender


The Monk 13.01.2014 20:26

Must be a slow news day.


Robert A. Brown 13.01.2014 17:13

Great! MORE people; more consumers; more problems for the rest of us and the Earth.

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