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France, US arming Syrian rebels with anti-aircraft missiles – report

29.02.2012 16:02

A general in the opposition militia known as the Free Syria Army has told journalists that the rebels have received French and American military assistance, amid reports of worsening violence in the stricken nation.

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Danny Hunt 20.04.2013 23:33


If you're interested here are two interesting reports about the Lockerbie bombings blamed on: Syria, Iran, and more before deciding to blame Gaddafi. The BBC documentary is very telling and absorbing.

The CIA etc of the USA are caught but nothing happens.


Danny Hunt 20.04.2013 23:25

It would seem that much of al Qaeda remains aided by the USA. I guess that some al Qaeda operatives/mercenari es are still backing the duplicity of the USA.

How much of al Qaeda is now the original al Qaeda used and abused by the USA as it was thinking it was helping to remove the Soviet invaders but was being used to extend the war in Afghanistan to increase the length of the war.

I guess this makes Jimmy Carter just another in the long line of war criminal presidents of the USA.


Danny Hunt 20.04.2013 23:18

Sherpa: Yes. And I note the sign on the Guantanamo Bay Detention and Torture Prison (USA) has a sign Camp Justice. And the suckers trust this buffoonery of the USA.

Expert s in propaganda with a population full of limited minds, for the most part.


Danny Hunt 20.04.2013 23:10

Just Saying:

Wel l, that's just pure garbage. The Russians aren't shipping arms to Syria at this point. They were as Syria was an ally. I don't know about China's contracts with Syria but they're not able to send arms to Syria either.

Thi s simple fact of the matter is that the USA set up this situation as they've done in the past over and over and over. For you to react in this nature is either very juvenile or you're just ignoring what the USA does on a continued basis.

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