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Syrian govt ready to cooperate with UN experts in chemical attack probe - Moscow

22.08.2013 11:18

The Syrian government is ready for “maximum” cooperation with UN experts working to clarify the alleged use of chemical weapons in attacks, Russia’s Foreign Ministry says. The UN has requested access to Damascus suburbs to be granted “without delays”.

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Cristiano Rébula 31.08.2013 12:16

the people are guilty? alias the president's only 30 years. And there is a real oasis! not lack bread and circuses. After all, claim to be a bad thing right?
The people to this discourse demagogic dictators such as days are numbered ... for freedom of expression and other "rights" are very clear in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Rafasa Arandas 28.08.2013 01:54

Russia and Iran's proxies are failing.


Khalid Lahul 24.08.2013 22:03

Where did the rebels get that chemical weapon? How come the syrian gorverment did not anticipate that kind of attact? Syrian goverment still the responsible for there people before that allegedly chemical attack.


carlos alvarado 24.08.2013 10:34

What will be the reaction of the USA/UK axis if it is found that the so called rebels are guilty of this heinous crime agains humanity? I wonder if the press and politician will be interested, just like when Saddam Hussain did it Iraq when Saddam was the West best friend.


Peter Dunaj 23.08.2013 12:10

@Peter Snow
Western powers has multiple record of simmilar news campaigns before their strike. (see "concentration camps" in Bosnia - fabricated by US jewish jurnalist, by arranging photos. Iraqui soldiers thowing kids from incubators in Kuwait - fabricated by CIA, never happened. Vietnam: Tonkin incident. Again the same pattern.


Lord Anonymous 23.08.2013 08:12

@Peter Snow

Beacua se it's "provocation&qu ot; and withou clear investigation. Why at the moment of UN visit? I smell fishy.


peter snow 23.08.2013 07:51

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Aleksandr Lukashevich, suggests Syria ‘chemical attack’ was ‘planned provocation’ by rebels.

What a dirty, lowlife, inhumane comment...


Hona O Denise 23.08.2013 05:54

Obama Bin Laden has the receipts.


Norberto Triemstra 23.08.2013 04:03

Spanish and French media re reporting that Jordanian troops (commandos) supported by USA and Israel are illegally operating in Syria around the areas affected by the supposed chemical attack.


Alex C 23.08.2013 03:25

P3. Furthermore, "Head of the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT) Hakan Fidan disclosed that two cargos of the poisonous Sarin gas which had been smuggled from Libya to his country have continued their path to Georgia and Bulgaria." (Ankara Spy Chief Discloses Smuggling of 2 WMD Cargos to Georgia, Bulgaria Via Turkey, FNA, Aug 18, 2013) The movement of Sarin gas is clearly not an action of the Syrian government.

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