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Chemical weapons used in Syria on 'large scale' - UN report

16.09.2013 16:14

Chemical weapons were used on a relatively large scale in the Ghouta area of Damascus in Aug.21 attack, the UN investigators’ report says. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has submitted report at a closed-door meeting in New York.

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Veritas 18.09.2013 03:46

Syrian civil war is basically a power-play between two Islamic factions slaughtering each other: shia and sunni. Assad={shia, secular, moderate, pro-Iran} and Rebels={sunni, religious, jihadist, pro-Saudi}. Without ongoing US/Saudi military assistance to the terrorists, this war would probably be over in a week. Saudi Arabia is trying to get the region in Sunni order for their next move of Muslim world domination. This can’t happen without direct US involvement in Syria.


Alex 17.09.2013 18:11

It's really quite simple to analyze the Ban Ki-Moon "findings" . If it was the Syrian gov't who did the chem attack, Ki-Moon wouldn't even hesitate to say so (he's only a loyal puppet of the West). However, UN's Carla del Ponte said it was the rebels who did it while two released hostages of the rebels also declared it was the rebels who did the chemical attack. But Ban Ki-Moon, being loyal to his West masters (financing the rebels), decided to be "on the fence" on his "official" UN report (which didn't say much other than saying, 'there was a chemical attack') ... therefore, it was the West-financed rebels who did it.


Stacey Hamilton 17.09.2013 12:49

You really think the rebels wouldn't think to make sure the rocket they used was of soviet design?


anuraaag 17.09.2013 11:09

moreover, if we think of the morality , evenif chemical weapons were used directly by Assad himself , it doesn't make it duty to kill him at the price of so many civilians in present and future(until his term). Without him, the whole region will fall to extremists.
othe r than that US does not have the ability to give peace or democracy . People(other than the rich ones) even in USA are frustrated by its rule.


anuraaag 17.09.2013 10:44

there is no point of arguing on the report, as united nations contains large number of puppets of us govt., all it wants is to uproot Assad, so will it by hook or by crook & take the world on to the path of destruction


Live on your knees or die fighting 17.09.2013 10:06

The international non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) has been criticized by national governments, other NGOs, its founder and former Chairman Robert L. Bernstein, and the media. Among other things, it has been accused by critics of being influenced by United States government policy, iHRW is biased against Israel and that requesting or accepting donations from Saudi Arabian citizens causes it to be biased. HRW has publicly responded to criticisms relating to its reporting on Latin America and in the context of the Arab–Israeli conflict.

H RW gets funded by Saudis !!!! hence NO credibilty


monkeytiger 17.09.2013 10:01

Although the investigation suggests that the missile was launched from north-west and made by Soviet, it doesn't has a connection on who launched it. It only has prooved that war-head was lauched from north-west, and the investigators didn't traced to the origin of launching to see whom is responsible for the launching?
That's just too far from adding conclusion right now.


Live on your knees or die fighting 17.09.2013 08:21

Make it up whilst you go along is not evidence there is NO evidence - BUT we see what the Jihadis have done to Christians - you Ben Holland who are you going to blame for that aye ?


Michael Neal 17.09.2013 08:02

To understand is to control. Either control or be controlled.


Zobel Amar 17.09.2013 07:57

The most the North Americans and their puppets are getting nervous......
Th e most the Bachar troops are gaining ground.....


Zobel Amar 17.09.2013 07:40

North American banks poisonned the whole planet economy in 2008 with sub-prime toxic assets they spread all around......
Thi s is Financial terrorism and is a common practice from those rapists of the planet .......


Zobel Amar 17.09.2013 07:36

Experts said they found cyrilic letters on the rocket.............
Does anyone know il the rocket was signed by Maria Sharapova ?


Ade Chapman 17.09.2013 07:16

Keep it intelligent Banki- Insisting not to let the Cia bully you or the tactics of a un court of peace to the world- Respect to V putin for evidently keeping world peace. geneva 2 all the way!


Carlos Stanslaus-Lwanga Mbazira 17.09.2013 07:10

A point which to my mind is telling.
There are eyes in the sky. America has, so does Russia.
With this war, I'm sure that these two superpowers have been watching very closely movements on the ground.
And when push comes to shove,
All they have to do is dig out the satellite images.
Regardle ss of interpretation of the un inspectors report,
Facts can be produced.
I.e, rebel movement in vicinity of the attack.
No use getting fixated on a report, after all, doctoring docs to produce dodgy dossiers is an art the west have been practicing for some time.
No doubt this is a bargaining chip that Putin has,


Michael Neal 17.09.2013 06:43

The intelligent subjugate the ignorant.

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