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Materials implicating Syrian govt in chemical attack prepared before incident – Russia

23.08.2013 11:31

Materials implicating the forces of Syrian president Bashar Assad in chemical weapons use near Damascus were prepared prior to the alleged incident on August 21, the Russian foreign ministry said.

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Alexander Athos 05.09.2013 06:39

Here is my research. The UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria member Carla Del Ponte, said that, the commission relied primarily on first-hand accounts to corroborate incidents, there were 4 previous chemical weapons attacks appear to have been by the rebels not the government– on :
Khan Al-Asal, Aleppo, on 19 March;
Uteibah, Damascus, on 19 March;
Sheikh Maqsood Aleppo on 13 April, and
Saraqib, Idlib, on 29 April. See my article on this and the International Law on the issue of military strikes on my Facebook or at Modern Diplomacy or Google Athos Moder Diplomacy


Jaroslav Belicka 31.08.2013 10:01

Rafasa Arandas you must be too plain minded to understand who is a real liar in all this.


Lionz For Love <3<3<3 28.08.2013 03:07

So the Free (mostly non) Syrian Army,beheads,eats,ki dnap,burn and execute people in public.Uses chem weapons (one of the first chem attacks showed dead syrian troops) and then,check this out,while my fellow country man Åke is there trying to do his job,Assad launches a chemical attack on his own people...While poor old Åke påke and the UN team is in the city? Wow.Better than Hollywood that's for sure! Reality is that Assad is winning and US/UK/Saudi/Israel is loosing.Hence,a false flag op. But the real scumbags owe allegiance to no country.Only Money,Power and Chaos.Iran is next.Then the rest of the "free" world.


Edward Church 28.08.2013 02:03

[quote name='edmond dante' time='26.08.2013 14:44']alosh bdran

yes,t rue the usa has always gone to countries to want and to have there energy sources. in countries like Spain, to lend them money but at a price tag to make them borrow it when they never asked to borrow from the USA , when Spain refused having not the U.S. using there oil the President of spain was poisoned .


Rafasa Arandas 28.08.2013 01:52

More of Russia's lies and poison, how those Slavs live with their sense of arrogance and ego, I do not know.


edmond dante 26.08.2013 14:44

alosh bdran

It is a fact any coutry that is pro USA will be given aid and weapons to murder any people that are anti USA hence we see Israel Saudi arabia Turkey etc heavily against Iraq Iran Syrai bahrain because these countries dont want USA terrorists and bankers stealing their wealth, the USA bomb countries to force them to borrow from IMF bank to rebuild the mess USA cause then they move to another country you only need to look at what country is not in debt to IMF.


edmond dante 26.08.2013 09:43

USA has funded terrorists and supplied them with WMD they are angry that ASSAD is winning the war by Un backed terrorists, Assad has shown we can defeat the terrorists that UN send around the world to destabilise countries.


alosh bdran 25.08.2013 17:54

Everything is make none sense, if USA and the criminals Israel leave the world alone all the world will be safe, like USA they created al Qaeda and stick it to Muslim people, why no one has taken any action against Israel which they been killing philistine people sins 1948, are they allowed to kill and stilling philistines lands.
Where is USA in this situation, are they blind here.


gladio_b 25.08.2013 17:26

It is completely irrelevant who used the CW or even whether they were used at all.Obama is a corporate executive and as such he needs to perform or he will fail his bosses.Whether he will be a good president as well,depends on how much the corporate interests converge with the interests of the American people.So far he managed to secure the petrodollar by removing Gaddafi which is an example where the national interests go hand in hand with the interests of the money makers.Whether the Syrian adventure will be economically viable remains to be seen.The CW issue serves only to justify a war of aggression.


Harold Koiman 25.08.2013 03:01

We had intercepted emails 7 months ago predicting this:

googl e:
"US 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria, blame it on Assad govt': Report"


dave mangan 24.08.2013 15:59

Looks like Putin's little band of nasties is working hard on the comments thread on Russia Today....

P arty Line over the truth 100% of the time.


August Abraham 24.08.2013 12:14

This what the west has created just to rid themselves of Assad create failed states so that the zionist rule the arabs Iraq/Libya/Lebanon/A fganistan and now Syria with those two fools in tow.


Bob Van den Broeck 24.08.2013 12:13

Denni Coslett and her American government are selling cluster munitions to the tyrannical kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Killing more inncoent men women and children. She is a liar claiming concern for for the victims of the false flag attack in Syria. I wish Princess Di was here today to speak out against the evil scum in America.


Stuart Edwards 24.08.2013 11:51

It is utterly ridiculous that we are expected to believe that Assad would use chemical weapons 48 hours before the arrival of the U.N. investigators who he cooperated with letting them in to the country. This has all the hallmarks of a false flag attack and it also serves as an indication of the totally one sided portrayal of the situation by most of the mainstream media as per usual.


Dom Rice 24.08.2013 11:01

The world has become a very dangerous place. False flag operations could start a huge war. Already a series of US false flags have cost untold lives. I can tell you in Australia the media is pushing this false flag as fact. My nation is buying the lie via American led propaganda. There is one word when a group kills so many children and it is don to kill more people. EVIL. Western leaders and control mechanisms are EVIL.

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