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Reports of massive chemical attack near Damascus as UN observers arrive in Syria

21.08.2013 06:08

Conflicting reports emerged of recent chemical weapons use in Syria. This comes on the same day that the UN inspectors arrive in Damascus to investigate allegations of use of toxic arms. The casualty figures range from dozens to almost 1,300 deaths.

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Carxmoro Kjm 25.08.2013 00:10

To determine the real culprit, slaugter Red Heifer for sacrifice.


Carxmoro Kjm 25.08.2013 00:05

The timing at dawn of this gassing to death of children and innocent civilians is indeed "supecious" ;-- a usual demonic act of saboteurs.


Carxmoro Kjm 24.08.2013 23:59

Bring in and slaugter Red Heifer. Spill his raw blood into the bodies of those died by alleged nerve gas or sarin. The corpses will then rise to name the real curprit.....


Glen 22.08.2013 12:42

It is bizarre for the western media to criticize such unfounded evidence of toxic gas attacks in Syria, and make it sound like it really happened. While Israel and the USA can drop White Phosphorous on Iraq's and Palestinians, and melt their skin into the ground, our corrupt media, says nothing. When these countries start loosing a battle they kill with impudence. They kill women and children with White Phosphorous, when will these war criminals be brought to justice? We all know the answer, NEVER.


David Wong 22.08.2013 03:50

Pictures of dead children are disturbing to most people, is someone looking for a strong reaction?

I don't know if it's real or not, but doesn't the geneva convention prohibit war propaganda?

If the rebels are found to have used chemical weapons (If they haven't already), will the US,EU take action against the rebels?


WorkTogether 22.08.2013 00:16

A handout image released by the Syrian opposition's Shaam News Network shows bodies of children and adults laying on the ground as Syrian rebels claim they were killed in a toxic gas attack by pro-government forces in eastern Ghouta, on the outskirts of Damascus on August 21, 2013. (AFP Photo)

Stag ed absolutely FAKE photography! Ban Ki-moon please defend Syria and show the world you are not part of the degenerate & corrupt cabal determined to turn our planet into a Dante's Inferno??! Pres Putin, all that we ordinary peoples beg is for you is to tell the world the TRUTH! Syria can't become another failed US victim!


WorkTogether 22.08.2013 00:06

Aleksandr 21.08.2013 23:38

Who made that US clown the spokesman of what the Syrian people wants? This is a desperate attempt by the deathsquads and their backers to do anything they can (even they are aware that the world knows Assad is innocent of this)... Russia, China, veto this and give up the diplomacy efforts with the US (who dances to the tune of Israel), they are not interested in anything but mayhem and chaos. You tried the diplomatic way, it is useless when dealing with psychopaths.


Bravo Aleksandr! I am also praying Russia & China veto this. Sick US & allies world wants peace!


WorkTogether 22.08.2013 00:02

Mark Roman 21.08.2013 14:42

I don't know what to believe anymore. These are chemical attacks....these are not chemical attacks.

Very confusing.


Mark, the Zionists want us to be confused. When the US Gov employs drones that indiscriminately kill innocent women, children & old people, something is desperately wrong in our World. Is it normal for a POTUS to allow coverups like Benghazi, like Fast & Furious, like the NSA spying? To mention but a few... No Americans are being duped big time & they will wake up when it is too late.. Manning & Snowden are brave examples to follow!


WorkTogether 21.08.2013 23:24

Morgan 21.08.2013 22:25

p.s. Why do the think Al Jazeera/American has just started? It's a Qatari/Doha Wahhabi version of rightwing Fox 'so-called "news" & infotainment CNN. Poignant timing there,what? Jeez RT! Maybe they'll hire Larry King too,to bring the brain-dead Hollywood cr@p we hate so much,(wink,wink). Nobody subscribe to AJZ American while it's owners are funding AQ/Nusra.It's blood money!


Ex posed!! Thx Morgan & all brave ones who shamed the cannibal monsters' masters as the West gov's! Russia & Iran will be the World's new democracies. All true Americans mightily resist!


hope 21.08.2013 23:08

The biggest criminal enterprise on the planet -- the western "democracies&qu ot;-- have to control all information to prevent the truth from coming out. Hence, the NSA worldwide spying project and the huge consternation over Snowden's and Manning's revelations. If you armed your stooges with chemical weapons in false flag operations, wouldn't you want to cover your tracks?
If you were training chechen jihadis in Boston to fight in the Caucasus, wouldn't you get rid of all possible witnesses when things didn't work out the way they were supposed to? There is no liar like an anglosaxon liar.


WorkTogether 21.08.2013 23:05

How low can the US gov sink? We can only pray that there are still honest voices who will prevail for Syria. What caught the US & it's allies offguard, is that Pres Assad's & the Syrian Army fought with undaunted bravery to defend Syria. That Pres Assad is a changed & mature man in comparison to what he was when war erupted. Crystal clear for all eyes & reason, is the conniving dishonest & filthy unethical actions of selfserving corrupt corporate politicians determined to install a puppet gov in Syria by blaming Assad for chemical attacks, while trampling the last shreds of human rights & decency into the ground.


WorkTogether 21.08.2013 22:42

This is nothing but a blatant frame up! Although Pres Assad is not an angel, he has proved amazing at defending Syria against foreign terrorist factions & others. which by their shameless inhuman actions show themselves to be the lowest scum of this earth. As stated above, when the original UN inspectors first investigated the chemical attacks, Ms Sellstrom said in Italy (by memory), that it was clear even if not 100% conclusive, that chemical attacks pointed to the "rebels, My question is, "WHO is behind this & what is the purpose????" Seems Russia & Iran are Syria's only ethical, unbiased & sincere defenders.


citizenofnextworld 21.08.2013 22:40

Never, never and never underestimate The Power of The Powerless!

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