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Dramatic report: Inside the battle for Syria's ancient Christian village (VIDEO)

12.09.2013 11:07

Anti-Assad rebels have been forced out of many parts of Syria’s ancient Christian village of Maaloula, but the fighting there remains heavy, RT correspondent Maria Finoshina reports from the scene.

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Noel Fuentes 03.01.2014 23:24

Guess the Christians get the short end of the stik


Arthur Zaoutsos 19.09.2013 04:42

Hello my friends in the free world we Americans need your help our country has been taken over by Zionists we need your help to prove that criminals in our goverment are taking illegal funds in campaign contributions .Prove that israel is funneling money to politicians through corporations and you will free the world by law these corporate transactions are a matter of public record but we need someone with the technical know how to prove this do this and you will free the world from the Zionist plague which is destroying freedom and happiness throughout the world .


Iyad Jamil 16.09.2013 12:40

rt always tell the truth i hope that cnn do the same


Ronald Bunawan 14.09.2013 04:19

This is real war correspondence. not like some CNN guys reporting from a distant, repeating what they're told.
Good work RT for really informing the world on what actually going on.


Younes Arbib 13.09.2013 19:45

Free Thinkers on Facebook:
I have information read about the Christian Village in Syria/ Maaloulla, it is a historical village of +/-10,000/ thousands of years.
Unfortuna tely the primitive NATO/Zionism, Wahhabism Mercenaries read any History and understand no civilization.
Fr iends on Facebook:
In the village in Syria life Muslims and Christians for centuries in peace and harmony and they are the only in the world who speak the ancient Aramaic language, the language of Jesus Christ.
........ ............ Sad.
It does Younes much pain.


George Rizk 13.09.2013 17:12

The haters of Christianity all lined up to destroy its ME roots. The Israelis, the rag-heads Muslims, and the liberal godless West.


L Lewis 13.09.2013 16:52

amazing coverage!
thanks Maria and crew RT crew for getting the info out


Hourriya Nura 13.09.2013 15:41

The grocer from this clip, in Syria said "Syria is a land of history and of love. THEY sent terrorists from all corners of the globe to kill Syrians and each other. WHY?"

Let's also ask why.


kc 13.09.2013 13:52

This place, Syria is one of the oldest place on earth..
The Syrian army is doing a good job keeping the war monger rebel/US away from this holy place...

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