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Syria 'chemical weapons' crisis: LIVE UPDATES

27.08.2013 09:13

The diplomatic scramble to avert military intervention in Syria continues, as an August 21 gas attack in a Damascus suburb has sparked international efforts to bring the country’s chemical weapons stockpile under control.

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Andrej Kanaš 24.10.2013 14:44

I'm not sure why Putin didn't get Nobel Peace Prize?


David Wong 23.09.2013 15:07

Most of us know it was most likely the rebels/jhabbat Al-Nusra who did it because their side lies and squirms the most when challenged, the question is where to go from here.


David Wong 23.09.2013 14:57

The Ghouta chemical attack could've been carried out by pro-rebel elements-maybe high ranking officers in Assad's army who might have access to the chemical weapons. Al-Nusra may be in contact with them. This way the rebels could have instigated it but it looks like it came from the Syrian army. Why would government forces launch an attack at 3 in the morning when visibility would be zero and only target civilians? or did the perpetrators want cover of darkness to hide their actions and make sure there were no witnesses. At the start of the attempted coup d'etat some of Assad's army joined the rebels so it's possible.


LEOPOLD NDI 20.09.2013 13:21

at least one thing good we come out of all of this, Russia will keep its naval base save and the whole world will know from now that you can trust Russia as an ally, so th unilaterality gone down the pipe can't wait to see balistic armed submarine crossing south see, and proping Russia capabilty to shot antartic as well as artic
welcome new bipolarity,at least a choice


LEOPOLD NDI 20.09.2013 13:14

for the french president the inside must be as ugly as the outside,they have arms all the assassin in the world from the 19 th to today so no wonder they want to arms the whabbitun, after all it is a french missile which shut down abyarimmana plane causing the hutu genocide and radio "thoushand hills" was based in the elysee palace .....La france est la mere de tous les crimes,c'est un etat ne voyou


Jay Zee 20.09.2013 00:26

An attack against Syria is imminent. The US Government is already distributing their poisoned propaganda to the media like a dealer to a heroin addict. “Syria is moving their chemical weapons!” Sure they are... we all heard that about Saddam too, and it ended up being another US fabricated fairy tale. I have a pair of balls that I'm am willing to lend the US media... any takers???


RichardD 19.09.2013 17:56

The UN is clearly an extension of NATO at this time, their work and statements are as untruthful and obstructionist as NATO's are. Calling the UN report "thoroughly objective" couldn't be further from the truth. It omitted the lab reports on the gas, which they have, because the lead investigator later said in a press conference that it was high grade, more potent than that used in Tokyo, or by Iraq. But was evasive and wouldn't answer questions about it in the closed door security council briefing. The Investigators visited hospitalized troops who were attacked with gas, a smoking gun, and omitted it from the report.


Freesaxon 17.09.2013 22:36

Of course we all know that the `dictionary definition’ of insurgents, insurgency is not how the `West’ uses the word. Its been redefined, slanted, and loaded up to help them `get a message over’. In much the same way as a simple rainbow symbolised peace, a Christian God, or even the pagan God Thor, in many peoples eyes in 2013 it has a totally different meaning.


Freesaxon 17.09.2013 22:28

Please do it ! :-)


Freesaxon 17.09.2013 22:26

NLP ( Neuro-linguistic programming) .......
So it follows that from henceforth `the rebels’ are referred to as ` insurgents’ and the numbers of those combatants that ARE drawn internationally is FULLY clarified, and noted. The countries of origin can then be blamed for encouraging war and destruction by exporting `terrorists’. Those that want to arm them are obviously encouraging global terrorism, and can be deemed to be rogue states. PUSH OUT to mass media 24/7


Freesaxon 17.09.2013 22:16

E:g In Afghanistan combatants that fight against `The West’ are called `insurgents’ those that help them are tarred with `helping insurgents, the agents of unrest’. The word `insurgents’ is then loaded up more, as mass media reports are shown to the public that `educate’ them to the fact that `extremists’ are joining up from around the globe.
In contrast, in Syria we just have `rebels’ EVEN though they are an international force.


Freesaxon 17.09.2013 22:16

NLP ( Neuro-linguistic programming) is a technique that is often used to control peoples thoughts by the use of carefully crafted words that guide people to a `certain way’ of thinking.

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