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US intel assessment based on ‘terrorist lies’ and ‘media hype’ – Syrian Foreign Ministry

30.08.2013 21:09

The intelligence assessment the US administration presented as evidence that the Syrian government deployed chemical weapons on its own people is baseless and based on “terrorist lies” and “media exaggeration,” Syrian foreign ministry sources say.

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miscom 2008 01.09.2013 16:32

I believe a lot of country leader understand who is the actor behind the chemical weapon that kill civilian. who gave the chemical, etc. The problem is they are all afraid or under intimidation of US with the dollar and spy, they will buy you if possible . and if cannot , they will destroy you . They can print the dollar as they want , that the main problem with the man that has too much money and power. Remember . power tend to be abused, if not control properly. Look at Snowden. who tell us the US government is spying all the world even the UN. by this data they can blackmail the world leader.


Lillie Herold 31.08.2013 13:20

President Obama and the American People should ask themselves- Who gains with the release of any type of chemical gas? It is not the Syrian Gov. in fact, it put them at a disavantage. Pres. Obama is bowing to the wishes of the Amer. Israeli Lobby who wants to destroy all Arab countries they believe hostile to Israel. The group wants those Arabs country wiped off the map.


Elizabeth Ek 31.08.2013 12:36

Kram erol santiago: Noone can force Jesus to come. Do you think that the Healer want children to be killed by bombs? They call them self zion christians, but it its satan they follows.


Ed Camilo 31.08.2013 09:12

Only a stupid fool would trust the US government. Just look at its history: Genocide of Indians, enslavement of Blacks, invasion and bombing of numerous countries, spying on its own people, lying, cheating, stealing, occupying and threatening sovereign countries and annexing others, locking up and imprisoning innocent people and dissidents etc etc. Unfortunately brainwashed simpletons still believe the lies of the US government! The fascist gangs running the US government really know how to brainwashed people!


Ed Camilo 31.08.2013 09:04

Please Mr. Assad, Fumigate Telaviv and send a very very strong message to all the terrorists and their sponsors.!


Ed Camilo 31.08.2013 09:02

US constant threats against sovereign states is the perfect justification for countries like Korea to pursue a nuclear deterrent. and for Syria to maintain a chemical one. Yes, I do believe that Syria may have used Chemicals on the terrorists and mercenaries. After all one can only corner a man so far! It is a good thing that I'm not Assad. Otherwise I'd fumigate those terrorists rats all the way to the gutters of Tel Aviv. As for the terrorists using chemicals, yes they have !


Thubten Sangye 31.08.2013 08:51

Can we trust the American government? Where in the Iraq's "weapon of mass destruction"? I am still waiting. We know the lies of the neo-cons.


Rafasa Arandas 31.08.2013 07:42

ALL governments deceive. The question is, why should we trust Syria's government? Why is it any better than ours?


James Warren 31.08.2013 07:41

Kram Erol Santiago 31.08.2013 06:32

we are on a brink of a world war!! we are heading towards the Great Tribulation. Jesus will come soon!! may God have mercy on us all...


There's no Jesus or God. It's a charade. Religion has caused more wars than anything.


Em 31.08.2013 07:10

Western intervention in Syria has nothing to do with this current "chemical weapons" propaganda campaign. It has to do with the Syrian/Iranian alliance and Iran's policy of accepting currencies other than the American dollar for oil and gas. At this time OPEC accepts ONLY American Dollars for oil. When OPEC nations begin to accept currencies other than the dollar for oil products it will be the end of America's dominance in the world economy. see sources: petrocurrency, at wikipedia or Google: Iranian oil brouse.

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