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Syria says it's ready for attack 'at any moment'

31.08.2013 10:45

The Syrian government says it's expecting a military attack and is "ready to retaliate at any moment," according to a security official who wished to remain anonymous. The US holds Syria accountable for using banned chemical weapons and threatens payback.

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fran7 02.09.2013 06:22

Fools rush in were angels fear to tread. Lets hope the USA go home as they have no right to intervene in a sovereign country such as Syria. It would be against international law and Obamas government do not have a good history regarding human rights. Snowdon is a hero for making the World aware of USA military's NSA and PRISM.


Liam Ó Ceallaigh 01.09.2013 10:34

As previously stated the main culprit here is israel. They want Syria to be reduced from a powerful nation to a leaderless wasteland as has happened with Libyan, Afghanistan and Iraq. The difference here is that Russia will not stand by and allow terrorist attacks by the USA or anyone else. The UK refused to be involved as the public there are sick of seeing limbless young men former soldiers begging in the streets because they have no income or future. The young people in the UK will no longer fight in jewish inspired wars. The USA longer holds the position of unchallenged might that it held 20 years ago.


Proud Atheist 01.09.2013 08:27

We believe that Israel is the main culprit here. Their agenda is to spread chaos throughout the Middle East. They supported the Qaeda with weapons and medical assistance. Hezbollah and Iran realize they are next if the colonialists win this war. They would have no choice but to launch a massive missile strike in the scale of tens of thousands of missiles on Israel.

Ira n would also want to destroy the oil industry in the Gulf. This would copulate the Gulf states, Western Europe and Japan.


Justin Mustful 01.09.2013 08:12

Its sad the state my country (US) is in when public support for war in syria is only 9% and our government ignores us. Other countries have higher approval ratings for going to war and still are rejecting.

The winds of revolution are blowing in the US. I just hope my country is restored before its too late.


Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz 01.09.2013 07:43

It's a shame that a few maniacs at the international level are starting to push all nations towards self-annihilation.


Karwai Ng 01.09.2013 06:54

If the US attack Syria those 16 war ships Russia has will aim for Saudi Arabia; imagine that. Seeds for WW3...


Ursula Pietschmann 01.09.2013 06:50

the saudis and perhaps the israelis are responsible for the chemical attacs in syria. read mindpress news. the saudis had begor tried to corrupt putin., but they were not able to buy him, becaus he is not like obama, merkel, hollande usw. this man has character and he feels responsible for his people. in the west there exists very view men who the saudis cannot buy. the pictur in the news from putin and saudis foreign minister tells all. a forist had written that saudis foreign minister looks like a cat who had eaten a bird. his face looked really so. be careful what the saudis are making.


Hekahusia 01.09.2013 06:21

What is occurring in Syria is an orchestrated theatrical show. It is directed and put on by the controlled, puppet media. Nothing coming out of the newspapers, radio and television is truth. The politicians create the lies and rhetoric which is spoon fed to the biased TV, radio and rags called newspapers. Wake up to the truth; the military industrial complex and politicians are one of the same. It does not matter who is (S)elected. There are no choices only lesser of evils.


Joseph Swanton 01.09.2013 03:47

quite certain Norway feels agonizing contrition--the peace prize to current POTUS. If this werent so tragic, then it would be.


Earl 31.08.2013 21:52

RT is the best news source every always getting to the unanswered questions going where American Coroporate (MOP) Ministry of Propaganda won't answer or go.

Long live RT. long live the truth.


Vinil Set 31.08.2013 21:24

I hope Syria to retaliate in force and wide in range and all around, so that all war criminals get killed!


i9natz 31.08.2013 19:25

USA: a democracy of criminals.


Lord Anonymous 31.08.2013 19:20

May God save those brave soldiers and their loved ones. Please save syrian muslims and christians from Obama, the anti-christ who supports extremist muslims.


GraemeB 31.08.2013 19:03

The more I see of RT the more I like it

These have been dark days, observing the lying wretches in London and Washington threaten the Mass Murder of they carried out in Libya not long ago.

It was nice to have so much commonsense from RT and, of course, President Putin.


Lingam 31.08.2013 18:52

Merkel needs to distance herself from Obama, or she's toast.


Live on your knees or die fighting 31.08.2013 17:43

Keep safe Syrians - Thousands of people here in the UK have been out on the streets of London today protesting against this aggressive act by the US administration.

We know the evidence is clearly being manufactured if the UN do not act with impunity here they will sow themselves to be unfit for purpose.


John Ellis 31.08.2013 17:11

Carol, but do not most people use an illusion of good to enrich themselves upon the misery of others? And the super intelligent rich, do they not use their greater knowledge of good to enrich themselves upon the misery of wars unending?

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