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Syria FM: Foreign strike 'would not stop' fight against terrorists

27.08.2013 10:33

Despite threats of international intervention, Damascus will continue its military efforts against the rebels, Syria’s Foreign Minister has said. Decrying plans for a foreign strike as “deluded,” he said any attempt to hinder the Syrian army would fail.

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Palmer Eldrich 27.08.2013 13:20

ha ha naa George Lemonides is obviously living it up somewhere else he hasn't had the "Victory" of 40 year of stagnate wages in the US ! he's not smoking Victory cigarettes or drinking Victory Gin.

someon e recently said Palmer you are a smart if not prophetic man , what happened to the world?

I said well, my friend, it was an accident , you were meant to get Poor really slowly so you didn't notice and somewhere someone slipped up , (possible filing error) and now you are going to get Poor really quickly , and you will probably notice.

So we will probably have to start a war, and hope you don't notice.


moon beam 27.08.2013 13:17

Cameron obviously had a nod +a wink off the pentagon to prepare the ground for a US attack on Syria . He is in fact another poodle ,just like Tony Bliar .A messenger boy who with the French make-up their "international community" whilst threatening to ignore the real Int. Nat. community .The United Nations .


Michalis Kanellopoulos 27.08.2013 13:14

George Lemonidis:

If you are Greek, you are a disgrace to our Nation.

Fre edom of west is not even a bed time story anymore.

Wa ke up and try to mature and realise what is happening around you. Seeing your Greek fellowmen lives around you should help you


Luis Cibrian 27.08.2013 13:10

Which nation, since prior to its founding, has never known a single generation of peace, wasting, in rivers of blood, the lives of its youths, and that of its victims?

Its barbarous and monumental atrocities are abominable and despicable, yet nations today allow it to continue, fearing becoming its next hapless victims!!


moon beam 27.08.2013 13:06

Such hypocricy from the Nato jackals .Pentagon doused Vietnam with a million tons of deadly toxins in Agent orange that poisoned generations of people including own troops .


FULLSPEC 27.08.2013 12:56

George Lemonides: you're the perfect example of someone who has completely submitted to the Western media and propaganda architecture. It's funny you make your comments! I've never met someone who is so openly naive about the truth. You live in a bubble of artificial freedom when in actual fact the democracy you think you have is closely being drip fed while a whole apparatus of central control is managing the nation in the background. How old are you????


Derryck Griffith 27.08.2013 12:16


A Coalition Of Willing States To Bomb This Country Seems To Be The Cry Of Several States.

The Global Media Included Too!

Where Is The Evidence? I am still awaiting the Global TV and Printed media to ask those who claim that Sarin Gas was used in Syria.

Bomb ing Syria Without The Approval Of The UN Security Council Is ILLEGAL.

Regardless of the motive or concern!


Kyle Keeton 27.08.2013 12:06

The Syrian situation is the same as when "you" toss a burning log into the neighbors home, then blame the neighbor for starting the fire...


mosadeq 27.08.2013 11:41

War is core of the western culture just look at the history world war 1 and 2 started by them, they used chemical weapons they used nuclear bomb on civilians, by killing a hole city including children and all the people and even animals!


War is what west does to all else 27.08.2013 11:25

Syria, scatter your forces, hide your tanks. You may as well send up you entire airforce as it will be destroyed if left on the ground. Stay away from barracks. Good luck.

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