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Thousands gather in Damascus for funeral of assassinated Syrian cleric (VIDEO)

23.03.2013 15:22

Thousands of Syrians have gathered for the funeral of a pro-Assad cleric who was killed in a blast at a mosque earlier this week. Saturday has been declared a day of mourning in the Arab country.

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Khalid Hasnain 27.03.2013 09:08

murderers of syrian people are being supported by America and allies.

Anonymous user 26.03.2013 05:50

Get over it. He is gone to meet the devil. He was a terrorists. Only terrorists support killer assad

Anonymous user 24.03.2013 13:09

Nowhere in the article does it mention the cleric was a Sunni Muslim.

My count 6 not 0

Anonymous user 24.03.2013 09:34

Shame on obama, shame on cia, death to zionists who kill everyone just for money

Anonymous user 24.03.2013 08:54

CIA's involvement in Syria is part of US's greater engagement in the country - Wall Street Journal.

Anonymous user 24.03.2013 08:04

Sponsoring Terrorists in Syria will Not Save the Sponsors of Imperialism/Neo-Colo nialism from Death.


Dumitru Albu 24.03.2013 07:45

[quote name='Dumitru Albu' time='24.03.2013 07:36'][/quote]

zi ma hamericanule, pe ce strada stai in Bucuresti... Daca dau ochii cu tine, jar mananci!


Dumitru Albu 24.03.2013 07:41

Anonymous user 24.03.2013 03:54

A million dead in Iraq is not enough to satisfy the Ziosphere.

Now the vampires feed on Syria.


Don't worry. time ofbigzatan is approaching. that is the reason they lost control. A Big Force is ready to ignite against zatan'sworshippers. Courrage people, you are not alone in fight against Babylon the Great ...


Dumitru Albu 24.03.2013 07:36

Anonymous user 24.03.2013 04:13

00:13: <the resident us-ziono propagandist>

There is NOTHING American about AmericanInRomania.


thiscrapdoesn't live in Romania. he is onlyamossad agent(resident).

Anonymous user 24.03.2013 06:03

The War is Between Humanity and Fascist Terror Sponsoring West once again after 16th century.

Anonymous user 24.03.2013 05:56

united states is the biggest terrorist in world, now that turkey is their dog, pkk is gone

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