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‘Clandestine intervention fuels Syrian conflict’

04.06.2012 19:36

Syrian rebels are committed to taking up arms once again after moving to pull out of Kofi Annan’s UN-backed truce. But anti-war activist Don Debar told RT that without a peaceful solution, the bloodshed in Syria will make Libya “look like a picnic.”

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Pope Jimbo Wimbo 09.11.2013 03:26

TI just watched Don Debar take some toady hack fool for the despicable Prez Obama to the woodshed in a Cross Talk episode on RT. I never heard of Don before and I don't believe he has access to the Cleveland, Ohio market via radio or TV. I want nothing to do with Facebook so I guess I'll not have a way to contact him. Never the less, I want to say that the guy is an excellent speaker, has a superb understanding of US and world affairs and knows how to present his views in an intelligent and easy to understand fashion. Keep up the good work, Don; I'll be reading what you have to say.

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