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Syrian FM: We are ready to sign Chemical Weapons Convention

10.09.2013 17:31

Syria said it would sign the Chemical Weapons Convention, following Russia’s proposal that it hands over its chemical weapons to international supervisors. Damascus pledged to open its storage sites and provide full disclosure of its stocks immediately.

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Horus 10.09.2013 23:46

The ride is on. As Twitchy reported yesterday, organizers of the 9/11 2 Million Bikers to D.C. march are moving forward despite reportedly being denied an event permit. Riders across the country are tweeting that their kickstands are up and their motors are revving up.


Alex 10.09.2013 23:28

Well,well,everything is going to right directions,the US will not attack Syria,the Russian Federation in showing good wills,Syrians are feeling safer,Iranians do not have lose face,Israel feel safer and on and,on,COME ON PEOPLE ,thousands of people have been suffering ,from Iraq to Syria,people actually died due to bad leaders around the world wake up,rise up,YOU are NEXT.


Conservative View 10.09.2013 22:38

Obama give that Nobel Peace Prize to Vladimir Vladimirovich. You didn't do anything to earn it anyway.


RichardD 10.09.2013 22:23

The war fanatics in the US are going to say that the only acceptable condition to the chemical weapons resolution is immediate surrender on the part of Syria in exchange for a temporary hold on a US attack, until they can fabricate some new pretext for military intervention to support their losing opposition force.

And their foreign cronies are going to parrot that line, while most of the world is going to look at them like they're a bunch of fanatical extremists and wonder what's wrong with these people.

The y're then going to accuse Russia and China of being obstructionist, while they contiue the war against Syria.


Rosangela Martins 10.09.2013 22:07

Wonderful Vladimir Putin, the world loves you, loves to Syria. Thousand Kisses Sirio people. Vladimir Putin THANK YOU!


RichardD 10.09.2013 22:00

The NATO neofascists and their GCC axis of terror partners in crime, are going to fight this chemical weapons resolution at the UN every step of the way. Because Russia and China are going to condition it's passage on a thorough investigation into all of the verifiable chemical weapons attacks, and holding those who carried them out accountable. And on a cessation of the crime of aggression against Syria by foreign nations and their proxies.

It will be made clear to the world that NATO & the GCC don't care about chemical weapons anymore than they did about the now forgotten violent demonstrations they orchestrated.


Alexander 10.09.2013 21:52

Based on Libya experience, that voluntarily rid of their WMD in 2004, Russia learned that West will find excuse no matter what. It is a must to prevent any future aggressions by the West. Russia must invest into Syria, help them to finish off Al-Nusra, bring both sides to the negotiating table and provide Syria with the legally binding security guarantee like US has with Poland. Modern offensive, as well as the defensive platforms is a must.


Commander 10.09.2013 21:39

The Americans and the entire Western Axis will continue to press for regime change in Damascus. Peace has temporarily gotten in the way.


RichardD 10.09.2013 20:45

The goal of the NATO neofascists on the security council, and their GCC partners in Nuremberg level war crimes and crimes against humanity, such as using nerve gas on innocent civilians, is illegal regime change, not protecting people from chemical weapons terrorism.

They're the ones with their terror proxies in Syria who are using chemical weapons according to UN and Russian investigations and reports. And who are obstructing justice at the UN, ICC & Interpol into the crimes of aggression that they and their bought and paid for terror proxies are committing against Syria and the region.


Rosangela Martins 10.09.2013 19:57

The United States wants to play propsta to the UN for UN veto?

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