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Syrian FM: We are ready to sign Chemical Weapons Convention

10.09.2013 17:31

Syria said it would sign the Chemical Weapons Convention, following Russia’s proposal that it hands over its chemical weapons to international supervisors. Damascus pledged to open its storage sites and provide full disclosure of its stocks immediately.

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WorkTogether 17.09.2013 20:27

Obama et al are nothing but global bullies. The Big Superpower hitting a small country like Syria. Obama should be ashamed!!! Is it possible that the US can be lead by such a bunch of flip-flopping emptyheaded war mongrels? Is this possible in this day and age? They must surely be suffering from fluoride poisoning. Test the water in the WH! Or maybe Monsanto is to blame ... all the GMO infested food they consume, or maybe big pharma sent them the wrong flu shots??? Disastrous ... maybe the reason for all this lameduck behavior?? One thing is sure, something has turned your leaders into complete nut cases...


Vivek Mishra 12.09.2013 11:30

Okay, Great!!
Give off the chemicals, and start On with nukes..
Think Nukes are more safe than chem weapons..


Vic Rand 11.09.2013 18:21



marcus 11.09.2013 10:07

so syria will become defenseless,so israel can use there nukes and chemical weapons anytime they want on syria. america only protects criminals and psychos just like them. i don,t think its in there best interest unless saudi arabia withdrawls there crazys. they are giving islam a bad image. if this keeps up, europe will elect right wing governments


Zs 11.09.2013 09:38

Iraq had inspectors crawling all over the place for 10 years - when they couldn't find anything Iraq was accused of "hiding things", was embargoed, and bombed.

If Syria signs this deal with the UN it will be an excuse for a prolonged siege, embargoes, and airstrikes whenever they want. Let them bomb for 3-4 days and be done with it. Don't let the UN in - it will be an excuse for 10-15 years of bombings, long after the revolt has been put down.


Zs 11.09.2013 09:33

Not sure having involving more "INTERNATIONAL& quot; things in Syria's internal affairs is such a good idea.

This whole (latest, current) mess started because they let the UN in - UN inspectors go into countries to find excuses for the Globalists to impose embargoes and drop bombs - no other reason. Remember Iraq (1992-2002) before the invasion?


Gnollrunner 11.09.2013 08:23

It crazy they are trying to spin this as a victory for Obama when the deal was brokered by Russia.


Horus 11.09.2013 05:44

The US is not the voice of the world period.


Horus 11.09.2013 05:39

Im not too happy with obomers speech, whoever wrote his speech?


Veritas 11.09.2013 03:34

When millions of Syrians are displaced and are refugees in neighboring countries, when rebels loot people and fight against the government, when hundreds of Syrians including children are gassed to death, and millions of kids lose the opportunity to go to school... It is time to fix Syria, even by using force.


kc 11.09.2013 02:56

Im not sure if reptilian US can be trusted at this point .
The reptilian US just lobby germany to sign up for this war .
So, what is the intention of US now ?


Joe Lloyd 11.09.2013 01:48

Isn't it about time Israel was sorted out? Producing nukes illegally, still creating chemical weapons and using the west to take out anyone it disagrees with? Supposed to be a westernised country ( although I'm not sure that's a compliment anymore)


Michael Sherman 11.09.2013 01:33

Now that Obama is getting Syria to sign on to the Chemical Weapons convention, maybe he can get the US to do something about the "hollow point bullets" convention. Since Obama has been president, police officers in the US have killed over 2000 people using hollow point bullets. That is more than were allegedly killed in Syria by chemical weapons. It would be better for Obama to do something about people being killed by police officers or FBI by hollow point bullets (as Todashev was in Florida when he wouldn't sign a confession fast enough) in the US than to bomb Syria with depleted uranium.


And y 10.09.2013 23:50

Well done all, but this job is not over, Israel needs to be evaluated, it's creating a uneven position in the region. Lets face it, Obama may be hard with his enemies, but it's pointless if you can't be hard with your friends. His presidency in tatters...absolutely , useless he can deal with Israel (probably not).

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